1. Summertime means spending even more time outdoors.
  2. Become an EARTH advocate by encouraging others to honor, celebrate and care for EARTH—organize a picnic, outdoor games, creek or roadway clean-up
  3. Journal some experiences you’ve had with God’s good EARTH
  4. Spend some time outdoors on a regular basis: to see and soak in the beauty of Nature and find the deepening motivation to care for and defend this one precious planet that we share.



When summer arrives at its Earth location, the sun’s heat means changes for the area’s inhabitants. Psalm 104, just one of the psalms celebrating Creation’s Wonders, speaks of the movements of the waters, heavens and all life. It is time for us to move outside to see, enjoy Earth’s wonders. What are some activities outside for us—the usual of walks in the woods/parks, a day at the lake or seaside, bike rides, having a flower or vegetable and herb garden or create one in pots/utensils for patio or porch, keeping an area free of litter—a good engagement for youth.

Here are some others for building awareness of your environment:

  1. What kind of artwork can the children create from clean boxes, toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles with scissors, tape, and imagination using Haiku to express the item created?
  2. Identify the trees with names as maples, beech, etc. which provide a cool escape from cement heat/macadam on a sunny day.
  3. Identify the trees growing in your neighborhood and in the parking lots.
  4. Do you know some of your weeds [those non-grass types in your lawn perhaps?] may be edible besides being colorful. Look up your state’s edible weeds—examples are dandelions, garlic mustard, violets, chickweed, pawpaw, purslane.
  5. Identify those “weeds” which sustain butterflies or control other insects; invite the children to learn about and observe plants of your environment.
  6. Identify the weeds which grow abundantly in your yard—they reveal your soil quality. Why waste money to eradicate them?
  7. Remember all weeds help to keep soil in/on the ground when the wind blows and can build up your soil.
  8. Promote children’s creativity by encouraging their creation of stories or skits about plants and animals like raccoons, woodchucks, squirrels
  9. Ask them and yourself: what times of day are birds singing and why our roots are forever intertwined in the tree of life.



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