Meeting God in All That Life is

Pause to reflect on what experiences have shaped your spiritual life?

What practices do you follow to nurture your spirituality?

Recently, I was reading one of my favorite books: Traits of a Healthy Spirituality by Melanie Svoboda, SND. The book describes several attributes that can help us reflect on and deepen our spirituality. In the first chapter, two quotes caught my eyes: “Spirituality is how I cope with life” (Gerard Broccolo), and my personal favorite: “Spirituality is meeting God in all that life is.” (Patricia Livingston)

Broccolo views spirituality from the aspect of the way we cope with life. In what area of your life do you long for clarity? Where is God leading you?

Livingston views spirituality as meeting God in all that life is. We can meet God in the Scriptures through Lectio Divina, through quiet places, in music, in our quest for Truth, in times of need, in our joys, in our struggles, and in our everyday adventures and daily life. There is intention in encountering God and in allowing God to work in us and through us in everyday circumstances. Prayerful discernment also includes meeting God in the everyday moments of our lives. What helps you meet God in all that life is?

Let this be our prayer: “God, when you ask, ‘where are you?’ May my answer always be: ‘with you, my God. With you.” (Melanie Svoboda SND, Traits of a Healthy Spirituality, p8)

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4 responses to “Meeting God in All That Life is

  1. Thank you, Bea for your reflection that God is always with us and I would just add because God is Love. God the Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father and the Spirit unites us with the Father and the Son.

    Blessing and peace,

  2. Bea,
    I appreciate your reminder that God is in every aspect of our lives. There is no place/situation where God is not. Thank you!

  3. Very nice, Bea. I always have to remind myself when I ask the question ‘where are you, God?’ to look within!

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