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Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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Walked into a restaurant the other day. Had my mask on, held my vaccination card out for the hostess and proceeded to a table. Boy, did I feel like a child!!! NOT! Boy, did I feel like a kid who had to get permission to do what I was doing!!! NOT!!!!

I did, however, feel as though I was contributing to the well being of my city. And the servers heaved a sigh of relief that there would be no drama. It is not even a hard thing to do. So many people are refusing to do at least one of the things that would help us get back to a sane world. Most of them just moan about all of the events being cancelled or postponed and creating such an inconvenience for us.

When we get into our right-fighting mode, it would be nice to think we have done our homework so we are not just talking from only a feeling base or a heard-it-once-before-from-a-respected-source-so-it-must-be-true-base. Most times we just have to be right no matter what.

If all we want to be is right, then there is no room for conversation. In the true American way, it will be every person for her/him self. Not only will everyone get an opinion on every topic; everyone will be right. Now, there is an interesting optic. Who will get to be more right? That is an easy answer! Me, of course. Right?

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  1. “…Not only will everyone get an option on every topic; everyone will be right.”
    I like that 😉
    Thank you

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