Season Of Creation Prayer Service: September 12, 2021

Second Sunday of the Season of Creation

September 12, 2021 | 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Introductory Comments:

As we began the Season of Creation last Sunday, we heard the encouragement of Isaiah to “Be strong and fear not,” relying on God’s faithful presence. We were invited to recognize God in the opening of eyes and ears to the crises Earth is suffering. We were encouraged to discern and accept God’s invitation to share in the work of saving Earth and all the communities whose home it is.

Today again we hear the call to listen to God’s Word coming in the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor.

We are urged to put our faith into action and to expect resistance and suffering, our share in the cross of Christ.

As we begin today, let’s enter into the quiet of our spirits,… conscious of Earth, our home and the home of every other living and inanimate creature we know … just a dot in the vast expanse of the Milky Way … the Milky Way itself but a small dot in the vast expanse of the Universe… conscious of the destruction and suffering on Earth from overconsumption, exploitation, and the crisis of dangerously-rising temperatures globally … yet home to millions of people rising up to restore, heal, and save our common home….

!st reading : Isaiah 50:5-9a  0“God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I might know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them.”:5-9aIsaiah 50:5-9a

Reflection :  “Morning after morning God opens my ear that I may hear….”  Are we listening to God’s word that calls us to justice in spite of resistance—our own and the world’s?-9a

Responsorial Psalm : Ps. 116:1-9

Response:  I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.

Reflection:  How will I/we walk with our God who has given us life?

2nd  reading James 2:14-18  James insists that faith that is not put into action is worthless. Faith without works is dead.


In the context of our current planetary crises, we whose ears have been opened to God’s Word in the Cry of the Poor and the Cry of Earth must use our “well-trained tongues” to speak out the prophetic Word. How might we take up the opportunities God provides us each to forward the healing and saving of Earth and all its communities?  How could I/we put that prophetic Word into action in our world today?

Gospel : Mark 8:27-35  Jesus begins teaching his disciples that he too must suffer, be rejected and killed.  Jesus knew that he was preaching God’s prophetic Truth to a divided and hostile social-religious context.

Reflection:  People around the planet who are raising their prophetic voices for Care of Earth and Care of the Poor in these times are enduring the resistance, persecution, suffering, and death we hear about here. They make up a community of the human martyrs of this age, joining the plants, animals and other species

suffering extinction from the effects of humanly generated climate change.

Music selections – optional

E – Entrance | O – Offertory | C – Communion | D – Dismissal

E- Journey of Faith Delores Dufner, © 2012 Sisters of St. Benedict, pub. by WLP

O – Take Up Your Cross Charles W. Everest

C – One Bread, One Body © 1978 John B. Foley, SJ. Published by OCP

D- Stewards of Earth Omer Westendorf, ©1984 World Library Publications

Click here to download a PDF of this prayer service. 

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