On the day of my final profession, I heard the call of my name.

I took a deep breath and with it came the abundant outpouring of love and an invitation to follow God forever. The moment of consecration had arrived as I heard the words of my Prioress, “I ask you now, do you wish to profess Perpetual Vows as a Dominican Sister of Peace?.”

Another deep breath. These profound words stirred in my heart as I expressed my desire to profess my forever vows. Suddenly, I felt my heart beating, vibrating a joyful rhythm within my chest and throughout my body. With each pulse, I was reminded of the amazing journey that brought me to this point–forever aware of God’s call.  

I held onto the hands of my Prioress, affirmed by her gentle grasp. The touch made palpable the presence of The Divine. This journey was not made alone. I was blessed with mentors and companions, who allowed me to have a tangible experience of God. 

I spoke my name out loud.

As I began to profess my forever commitment to God as a Dominican Sister of Peace, I was overcome by the realization that God first committed to me. Overwhelmed by gratitude and bliss, I choked up. I took a deep breath and tried again. 

“I, Sister Ana Isabel Gonzalez Michel, profess the vows of obedience, celibacy and poverty to God and in your hands, Sister Patricia Twohill, to be lived in the light of the Gospel and according to the Rule of St. Augustine and the Constitutions of this congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, for my whole life.”

My elated heart beat with a strong cadence throughout my body. With these words, I was embracing a lifelong journey to seek God first. I was mindful also that my ten-year journey of discernment and the last seven years of formation brought me to a greater understanding of Dominican Life.  I realized that this life allows me to have a close relationship with God and I can’t imagine life any other way.  

For my whole life, forever. 

I was embraced.

For my whole life, FOREVER!

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  1. Ana, you are an amazing woman. A woman after my own heart. Some day I’d like to share how God interacted with me as I spoke my final vows.
    Peace, love, prayers

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