Season Of Creation Prayer Service: September 19, 2021

Third Sunday of the Season of Creation

September 19, 2021 –25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Introductory Comments

Today is the Third Sunday of the 2021 Season of Creation

In today’s readings, we are given a sense of the destructive power of passions, divisions, jealousies, greed, and competition, both for people and, in this Season of Creation, for Earth itself and all Earth inhabitants.

As we begin, enter the quiet of our spirit…conscious of God’s gift of Earth, the nurturing home of such rich diversity of life–human, animal, aquatic, plant—conscious of our destruction and suffering from overconsumption, exploitation, and the crisis of dangerously-rising temperatures globally.

A reading from Wisdom 2:1, 7-20

–Are we/Earth facing what Jesus was trying to teach his apostles in today’s gospel: I will be handed over to people who will kill me?

Responsorial Psalm 54:3-8

R You alone Are My Help

Will I/we respond effectively to the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor?

A reading from the Letter of Saint James 2:1-5

How will I/we reform my consumptive ways, my attitude toward the “different”?

A reading from the Gospel of Mark 9:30-37

Can we turn our country’s values upside down to nurture growth in mutual service, simplicity of life, and walk in interdependence with our living Earth?

Musical selections–optional

E – Entrance: For the Healing of the Nations Fred Kaan, ©1968 Hope Publishing Co

O – Offertory: For the Fruits of This (All) Creation Fred Pratt Green, ©1970 Hope Publishing Co

C – Communion: Pan de Vida Bob Hurd and Pia Moriarty ©1988 by Bob Hurd, pub. by OCP

D – Dismissal: How Can I Keep From Singing Robert Lowry

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