Season Of Creation Prayer Service: September 26, 2021

Season of Creation
September 26, 2021


Introductory Comments

Today is the Fourth Sunday of the 2021 Season of Creation. Today’s readings continue to warn us that our sinfulness is destroying our communities, the human family, and Earth, the supportive and nurturing home of us all. They challenge us to be active and prophetic in working for the New Creation in these times. And they guide us in prayer to ask for greater awareness of our “unknown faults” and of their grave seriousness, to ask for freedom from their destructive power no matter the cost.

A reading from Numbers 11:25-29

Reflection: May God bestow the Spirit on everyone, raising people up around the planet as prophets to speak out now as the destruction and dangers to Earth are escalating so rapidly. How might I/we be prophetic?

Responsorial Psalm  19:8-14

Response: Alleluia

A reading from James 5:1-6

Reflection: This reading from James is a direct condemnation of the rich. It reflects the judgment widespread through the early centuries of Christianity that those who have more than they need are in effect stealing from those who don’t have the basics they need. What can I/we do to end this injustice?

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

Reflection: Will we adopt the necessary measures to stop the devastation of the environment or will we continue denying the evidence? What tangible action can I/we do to stop this devastation?

Music selections: optional

Entrance: All Are Welcome – Marty Haugen, c.1994 GIA Publications, Inc.

Offertory: Here I am, Lord – Daniel L. Schutte, c.1981 OCP

Communion: At the Table of the World – Brian Wren, c.1989 Hope Publishing Co.

Dismissal: Stewards of Earth – Omar Westendorf, c.1984 World Library Publications

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