Season of Creation Prayer Service: October 3, 2021

Season of Creation
October 3, 2021


Introductory Comments As we enter the final days of this year’s Season of Creation, our readings invite us to reflect on creation and the sacredness of the bonds that unite us all.  The reading from the second creation myth in Genesis focuses upon God’s sensitive attention to Adam’s loneliness and the special gift of human attraction and bonding that unites care for Earth.  In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that what God has thus joined together, no human being must separate.

This warning takes on new, more profound, and challenging meaning as we become aware through contemporary science that every creature is actually “joined together” with every other in complex and evolving webs of interdependence.

As we begin, let’s enter into the quiet of our spirits … asking to be more conscious of the webs of interconnected life within which we live … upon which we depend … which invite our care … asking for gratitude and awe … asking to be a part of birthing the New Creation in our times….


!st reading: Genesis 2:18-24 We see God’s sensitive care for the needs of the first human, Adam, formed from the clay of the Earth.

Reflection: It is important to give greater attention to those other living creatures that this passage from Genesis refers to as “tame and wild animals and birds.

Responsorial Psalm:  Ps.128:1-6

Response – May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives.

Reflection: What blessings have we received today?

2nd  reading:  Hebrews 2:9-11

Reflection: We ought to turn our minds more attentively to what we have been taught so that we do not drift away.

Gospel:  Mark 10:2-16  Like God’s love for us, can we accept where God takes us?  May we trust in God and welcome his reign of love in our lives.

Reflection – A new vision of interconnected and interdependent “family relations” is emerging before our contemplative presence.  It is inviting us to a new level of consciousness and trust.  And it demands a new level of global solidarity for Care of the Earth and all for whom it is home if humans are to have a place in its future evolution.

Music selections – optional

E – Entrance | O – Offertory | C – Communion | D – Dismissal

E- For the Beauty of the Earth Folliet S. Pierpoint

O – Love One Another Feargal King, C 2000 WLP

C- Set Your Heart on the High Gifts, by Stephen C. Warner, C1992 WLP

D-Prayer of Saint Francis St. Francis of Assisi, adapt, Sebastian Temple, C1967 OCP

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