When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are….

Blog by Director of Associates Ceil Amendolia, OPA

Good day to each of you!

I am writing to you from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The sun is shining, and the sky is so blue, but the temperature is just 46 degrees. I am sitting here thinking about the past 132 days and all that has taken place. Being a dreamer, it delights me that many of my dreams have come true.

On June 1, 2021, I began to see the dream of a few years ago start to become real. Being selected to be the Associate Director of a group of women and men who are part of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace made my heart sing with joy.

So far, it has called me to become tremendously aware of my senses. My eyes have been opened to so many wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting in my travels. My ears have heard stories of accomplishments that people have experienced, concern about our future, questions about who we are and what is expected of us. I have tasted food as I break bread with fellow associates and discuss about what is next for the Associates. I have experienced new smells as I have travelled down new roads in our beautiful nation – the farms, the flowers, the trees on the properties I have visited in these days. Most of all I have been able to touch the sacred, without being able to really touch one another.

Associates have thanked me for stepping into this position, for which I am grateful. I have felt at home each time I have visited a new place. I hear the questions that many of us are asking. “Where do you think we are going?” “What can we do differently, how can we make what we do better?”

My response is it will take some time to look at all the possibilities of the directions we can go.

I hear your questions – one hundred and thirty-two days ago, I sat among you wondering the same things. Now I am in a position to hear your questions and feel comfortable enough to say to each of you, we can do this together.

I am a hope-filled person. I believe with all the avenues of communication we have available to us and a tremendous prayer community, nothing will be impossible! Our future is wide open.

What will it take to bring us to a new future?

It will take each of us to completely embrace our commitment to the associate lifestyle. We must be open to new ideas and new areas of involvement. We must be willing to let go of “the way we have always done it.”

When you wish upon a star, what is the wish you are asking for? Have you expressed that wish to someone? Are you prepared to get involved with seeing your wish come true?

Wishing for something requires risk… the risk of acceptance or rejection. But don’t be discouraged by rejection … rather, re-think it. Re-plan it. Be prepared to present it again in a new way.

Each one of us brings something to the table we have joined. We are over 600 Associates committed to Dominican Spirituality, to the of the Four Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Ministry.

It is time for us to remove the fences that keep us in our places and be open to the larger community of associates, to be involved and invested in our associate group.

It means that a group that meets monthly for prayer would feel open enough to invite another group to join them for a prayer.

When a group has a need for a resource, other Associate groups should be willing to step in.

We are strong in our numbers, but we need to open our doors and share our gifts. If Dominic had only stayed in one area, what would we look like today? He traveled the roads, he spoke to all he met along the way, he shared his gifts.

If the women and men who founded the Dominican congregations only stayed in one place, many of us would not be a part of this organization.

We are at a time and place to bring our stories, our commitment and most of all, our shining star to a world so in need of peace. Yes, most of us are doing this, one by one or in small group settings. I want to see what is possible when people of good spirit gather and bring the goodness of what we have to offer to anyone who is willing to listen.

I say to each of you, are you with me on this journey? Can you wish upon a star so that our dreams will come true?

In Dominic we claim to be….so let it be.

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29 responses to “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are….

  1. Ceil,

    Having known you for a lot longer that 132 days I want to thank you for this positive and energetic message to associates and vowed members. That star that you’re wishing on glows brightly in the evening sky and you are the right person for this program at this time.

    With affection,
    Mary Louise Edwards

  2. Dear Ceil,
    Thank you for taking on the responsibility of Director or Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Yes, i’m with you and the Associates as we live into the future.
    Peace and love,

  3. Thank you, Ceil, for hearing the call and responding “yes” to it. We are blessed to have your guidance, commitment and friendship as we are gently and EXCITEDLY led into the future.

  4. Beautiful, Ceil, YES, go for it, wish upon a Star it will take you places you never dreamed of and yes we need you all!
    WELCOME! God’s peace and blessing be with you.

  5. I so enjoyed your inspiring message. Yes, we live in pioneering times. My grandparents were pioneers on the plains of Kansas and I owe much to their strong faith, courage and steadfast spirits. I celebrated my 86th birthday this past week and value the continuing gift of life and good health. I have lived the four pillars from the middle 70’s when I became an associate. Previous to that, I was a Dominican Sister of the Great Bend, Ks. Dominicans, teaching in the various schools. The spirit of Catherine and Dominic are alive and well.

    Thank you for accepting the challenging leadership of the Associates. Your leadership words inspire me .
    Love and Peace be ours! Joan Breit

  6. Thank you Ceil. our prayers and best wishes are with you as you begin your leadership journey. Thank you for this reflection on our OPA future directions.

    1. I have been influence by the best.

      Many people have been put in my life who have taught me great things

      You my friend are one of them.


  7. Such a wonderful reflection, filled with hope! We are grateful and blessed to have you as our Director, Ceil!!

  8. It’s easy to be with you, Ceil. Many blessings as you undertake this new adventure.
    Peace ~ Jackie

    1. You and I have been journeying together these many years.

      Looking forward to what God us asking if each of us.


  9. Beautiful words, Ceil! And I know they come from your beautiful heart! Thank you for taking on this role. You’re just the right person at the right time. The future for OPA Peace looks bright with you leading us!

    1. For many of us we have been in the right time for Peace each time we were called.

      I can imagine now what each of us working together with all of our wonders to do for Peace.

      Thank you.

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