Women Religious Step Forward to Help Fund Water Women in Haiti

After the back-to-back devastation of an earthquake and hurricane rains, Sr. Larraine Lauter reached out to a reliable source of support: women religious. As we always say, the foundation of Water With Blessings is prayer, our reliance on God’s blessings that we then share with God’s thirsty children.

One of our constant sources of support is the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Sr. Judy Morris, OP is a member of the Water With Blessings team, and her Community’s Mission Coordinator, Sr. Margie Davis, OP talked about how the Sisters came through with a donation for Haiti.

“We have a passion for Haiti,” Sr. Margie said. “After the earthquake our Community collected money and gave half to Water With Blessings, and half to the New Life Children’s Home.”

Sr. Margie serves as campus minister at Ohio Dominican University, in Columbus, Ohio. Each March she offers students, especially those studying to be Physician’s Assistants, an opportunity to participate in a mission trip to Haiti. During their trips, their base is at the Children’s Home.

“Around 150 children live there,” Sr. Margie said. “They range in age from babies to high schoolers. There’s even a section for developmentally disabled children who need care 24/7. It’s beautifully maintained, very colorful. There’s an outside gym where the children can play basketball. And recently they’ve built new dorms for the kids.”

Sr. Margie and the students then go into the mountains. Although Haiti is not very big, and the distances might seem very long, making any trip is difficult.

“From there to the mountains is a tough trip, with crazy, crazy roads” she said. “It takes us 10 hours to get there. When we begin working, the PA students split up into groups with interpreters. There is a doctor who works with us as well

“The students see all the patients, dispense medications that are needed, and provide food. They see things they’re not going to see here in the United States. They’ve never been to the developing world before. The children have tuberculosis, scabies, and are malnourished. The lack of clean water is always a problem. It’s transforming for the students, and for me.

“The people are all very appreciative. They hardly have anything but, as you always find with the poor, they have a deep faith in God.”

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  1. This is the hopeful news that affirms my faith that God works tirelessly to manifest the power of love in each of us to build the world held in God’s own heart.
    Thank you! Connie Schoen, OP

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