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Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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At least once a week, as the season changes, we can watch the squirrels during morning prayer as they cross the power lines in front of us. They do it well but seem to know if the crossing should be energetic or slow or just steady. How do they know? Beats me. In any case, they never seem afraid to cross (well there was that one morning when the crows were a little more pushy than usual!). The squirrels take one step and then another and then run or saunter or whatever gets them across. There is no evidence of fear as they navigate the thin power line. They just know they have to get somewhere!

As we celebrate Christmas and enter the new year, what will our power lines look like? Will we have fears about crossing them? Will we saunter or walk briskly or run? We know we have to cross them wherever they are or whatever they look like. There will be crows now and then, too. What will guide us? I’m thinking prayer, prayer and probably prayer. That keeps us grounded even when we dangle high in the air on our life’s journey which is now embarking on a new year!

Rejoice in the glories of Christmas and look with expectation and hope to the new year.

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3 responses to “Merry and Happy!

  1. Thanks Pat! I know this probably won’t help the metaphor, but it’s all in the tail. And Merry back to you and Suzanne.

  2. Thank you once again, Sr. Pat as you bring in a life experience we can all Identify and unite it to the gospel message of faith and love. May we renew our confidence and trust in “Emmanuel” to lead us forward in love, prayer and action. God bless you abundantly!

  3. Very clever Pat……yes, it beats me too how they know to run – run- run !! And yes, we do know we’ll all have “crows” to deal with along our way…but, with God’s help.. WE WILL DO IT !!! Blessings to all in the new year coming!!

    Jan Wilson

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