It’s in the Simple Things

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the warmth of our cat resting on my side.  In that moment, I felt God’s comfort, whispering to me “it’s in the simple things where I can be found and am present with you.”  This one simple awareness caught my attention, enough for me to roll out of bed in the wee hours to write down this significant moment of God speaking to me.

So now I’m thinking about how often I miss seeing God at work in my life. I suspect I am not alone—that we are all often blind to God’s presence, of God with us, around us, and in us.  God is in the very breath of our life, in our relationships, in our doings.  God is in our struggles and the longings of our heart. Yet, do we believe God is active in our lives and actively knocking on the door of our heart to let God in?

It’s in the simple things where I can smile at the presence of God.  I’m learning to pause and notice with gratitude how God is in the simple things.  I just have to look and listen.  God’s presence is indeed everywhere–in the receiving of help during difficult times, a pleasant encounter with a stranger in the grocery store, in the helping hands of volunteers giving out food and clothing to victims of disasters.

Are you able to look around and see that God is present in the simple things in your life?  Are you missing out on how God is working through you, and using you to be God’s instruments of peace and love to others?  Yes, God “uses” us, through our gifts and even our weaknesses to reach out to others, to transform us and others. We only need to say “yes” to God and to begin to see as God sees us, and when we see ourselves as God sees us, love and beauty will enfold us. It is in the “yes” moments that we will also have our “aha” moments of knowing and believing that God is where we are.

So, join me in claiming this mantra that “it’s in the simple things where God can be found.”  We don’t have to search high and low for our Creator.  We just have to open our eyes to seeing God before us and attune our ears to hearing God around us.

What is God’s desire for you? It may be the same as your desire to follow God in community, prayer, ministry, and study with others as a religious sister.  Are you missing how God is calling you to follow a certain path? Remember, God is in the simple things and the journey to responding to God can be a profound, but simple “yes.”  If you are ready to explore how God may be calling you to become a religious sister, we invite you to contact us.  It really is that simple.



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  1. Loved your reflection.
    Reminds me of the mindfulness practice from Judaism: saying 100 brachot or blessings during each day. Of course, each blessing begins with, blessed are you, oh God! So, many opportunities to see God in action

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