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I have started my annual round of doctor visits for check ups, etc. Somehow I have managed to lose weight (not sure where exactly), my blood pressure and other stuff  are normal but my potassium is low…..bring on the bananas!!! OK, enough self revelation for today.

If you have visited your doctors recently have you noticed there are more questions about your mental health than there used to be? The system I am a part of has included in its pre-check a long series of questions about stress and unhappiness and anxiety, etc., than it did before, around here at least. Then today, my physician asked two additional questions. It allowed for more conversation time than we had had before and it allowed for more information to add to any physical concerns that might be present maybe because of the stresses.

It cannot be denied that the events of these last two years have forced us to dig deep into our reserves of joy and relaxation and inner peace. Just when it seemed COVID 19 was on the down side, along came DELTA and then OMICRON. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask; get vaccinated, don’t get vaccinated. There is a rumor of a new variant in Europe, should we be worried? And now the war in Ukraine and all the collateral damage. This is all on top of normal life issues that impact us in any normal situation.

So, what can I do? These kinds of stresses and the anxiety they cause are a little deeper than usual. I saw a quote the other day attributed to Ruby Dee, an African American actress, that said “If you pray, don’t worry. If you worry, don’t pray.” I think that is another way of saying, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Some days it might be hard to pray, so just be still. God knows what is in my heart and will hear what is there and will answer accordingly.

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6 responses to “God Sees More Deeply

  1. Thanks Pat — this displaced N. O. native needed to read that today!

    I have tried to reach friends in Texas where there has been bad weather and fires — have mostly left messages and heard their voices — glad my cousins moved from the St. Bernard area after Katrina. Those people in lower St.Bernard didn’t need this fornado.

  2. Thanks much Pat for sharing your words of wisdom !
    Indeed – God DOES know what’s in our hearts !!

  3. Thank you Pat, very well put . Even if we’re not worried about our own well being. For myself anyway, there’s concern for family and friends that are dealing with so much in their lives. All I can say “God you know the heart of / what’s good for each, be it done according to your will”

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