Something to consider during Lent

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Some time ago you were sent a listing Steps you could take in support of the Laudato Si’ Acton Platform (LSAP):

  • Strive to become more aware of your connection to creation
  • Endeavor to live in communion with nature and all creatures
  • Take inventory of your consumption and consider making changes
  • Seek reusable options over disposable ones when you are able.
  • Be mindful of your use of water
  • When possible, choose transportation methods that have less of an impact on the climate
  • Recycle and repurpose what you can, and make changes to reduce the waste that you produce
  • Consider the impact of your diet
  • Remember that even the small actions that you take can make a difference and inspire others to act.

Here’s something else you might consider and pray about during Lent… making a formal commitment to join the LSAP.

Joining the LSAP is relatively simple.  Visit the Laudato Si Action Plan website here.  It is possible to enroll as a family and individual, organization and groups, etc. Perhaps you could explore the website, first and then enroll… there are many wonderful resources to discover!


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