Windows Wide Open

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

Every morning when we open wide the windows in our dwelling places, we get ready to embrace a new day, never knowing what that new day will bring. As I write, our cat is peering out a window, looking curiously at what is outside.  I wonder what he sees and what is capturing his attention. His whole being seems invested in wonderment as I sense his excitement at whatever he is seeing and discovering.  As I watch him look patiently with eager anticipation at what awaits outside this window, I wonder myself what this new day will hold for me and if I can meet this new day with the same curiosity as our cat.

What happens when we open wide the windows?  What do we see?  What do we feel? What excites us? What captures our attention?  We know that some of us will see possibilities.  Some of us will see challenges. Some of us may feel a heart filled with gladness or one consumed by sadness. Our attention may be focused, or it may be scattered. What we see or what we experience when we look out the window may hold us in awe of life’s mysteries. Or we may be engulfed in questions about the difficulties pervading our space and casting a cloud over our vision.

I know for myself that it is not easy for me to be open with others about what is in my heart and what is going on in my mind. What I’ve learned as an Enneagram Type Six Personality is that fear is a constant companion that keeps me from unlocking doors. My type, is also, to my surprise, more head-centered, and so my challenge is to work at becoming more heart and body-centered. Even writing these blogs every month is an exercise in being vulnerable and letting go of my fears and calls forth a willingness to be open. But I’m finding it easier to share with each blog I write.

What are the windows you need to open? What are the doors you keep closed? I have found that sometimes we need help opening these windows or doors. Sometimes we need to allow a small opening or passageway in the doors we keep locked.  Sometimes we need to ask others for help, sometimes we need to turn our concerns over to God, and sometimes we must trust that the answers are already within us.  Within our seeking and our surrendering, we will discover God’s presence, God’s love, and God’s care for us.

If you are ready to open the window to see where God is calling you and desire a companion who can journey with you as you explore religious life as a Sister, I invite you to contact one of our Vocation Ministers. You could also open the door to explore possibilities for your life by attending our Mission for Peace event, June 22-27, 2022 in Kansas.

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