Art to Celebrate Laudato Si’

Justice is an important part of caring for creation. God tasked Adam with caring for all of the creatures of Earth, including Eve and his other brothers and sisters.

In her painting “Two Rivers of Fire,” Sr. Thoma Swanson shows two columns of orange, yellow, and red flames as they close in on black-and-white drawings of countless men, women, and children An Arabic prayer above and below the image translates to, “May the people of Iraq have peace at last.”

“May the people of Iraq have peace at last.” by Sister Thoma Swanson, excerpted from Columbus Alive – Joel Oliphint, Associate Editor


                                            A PRAYER FOR JUSTICE
                      Father, you have given all peoples one common origin.
                     It is your will that they be gathered together as one family in
                     Fill the hearts of mankind with the fire of your love
                     and with the desire to ensure justice for all.
                     By sharing the good things you give us,
                     may we secure an equality for all
                     our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
                    May there be an end to division, strife and war.
                    May there be a dawning of a truly human society built on love and peace.
                                                               We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.


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3 responses to “Art to Celebrate Laudato Si’

  1. Dear Sister Thoma,
    It is so wonderful to see your work here!
    The art classes you taught at St Mary’s High School in New Haven launched my lifelong interest in art. I still remember the morning light in the 3rd floor art room and the smell of the art materials! Your art class was my absolute favorite of my 4 years at St Mary’s.
    I want to thank you for sharing your talent and enthusiasm. Please know that you made a lasting impression on me. I think of that time with great fondness and gratitude.
    I wish you good health and happiness.
    With warm regards,
    Peggy Hines Cornell
    St Mary’s High School
    Class of 1970

  2. So Grateful for your painting and the prayer, Thoma.
    God bless you abundantly!

    Love and peace,

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