Silence is Needed to Hear

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

One of the blessings of having hearing aids is being able to turn them off so that I can enjoy moments of silence, free from the cacophony of noise. Silence is such a friend, such an invitation to be still, and such a rich opportunity to listen and to hear the Beloved whisper gentle messages understood only by the heart. There is such poetic movement in silence and it is here where I find God ever present.

We need silence to hear ourselves, to hear others, and to hear our God. We need to silence to hear what is happening within us, around us.  We need silence to hear the voice, the cries and the desires of others. We need silence to hear how our God is trying to connect with us and wants to be with us.

During a retreat about a year ago, I found myself reflecting on how silence is such a friend and so I want to share the poem that emerged, entitled the Breath of Silence:

Silence my old friend,
I come to be with you again.
That you might teach me
and be with me.

Silence my old friend,
how you are with me now,
Always listening to me,
Being with me.
You are my forever friend.

Silence my old friend,
I come to listen to you now.
Let me hear your words of wisdom.
Search me, see me, hear me
As we walk together side by side.

Silence my old friend,
you wrap me in your love
and give me hope to see anew
That I might be love and hope to others too.

Silence my old friend,
I come to be with you again.
That I might let go
and learn to be with You
in my truest form
and may the Spirit soar
to new heights and depths
as we discover each anew in this sacred space.

I invite you to let silence be your friend so that you can hear God speak to you and to be open to receiving whatever God wants to give you.

If you hear God’s voice calling you to explore a life of prayer, ministry, service, and community as a religious sister, I encourage you to contact one of our Vocation Ministers. They will help you listen and hear God in the silence as you discern your life’s vocation.

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3 responses to “Silence is Needed to Hear

  1. Thank you, Mary Ann for your poem on Silence. Silence is so important to us if we are going to share our fruits of contemplation. Our model for silence is St. Dominic and the Dominican Path a way of living.
    Blessings on you and the many ways you share the fruits of your silence.
    Sr. Brigid

  2. Mary Ellen,
    Thank you so much for sharing the Breath of Silence. So much to reflect on those words.
    Blessings to you and your Family.

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