Back Porch Days

Featuring Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP

Back porch days…

Do you have memories of sitting on your back porch or in your back yard, on a late summer evening, as the lightening bugs drift across the lawn and you unwind from the day? Or perhaps sitting there for morning prayer in the early morning as the breeze comes in from your garden…

Here at our House of Welcome we have a back porch where we often eat our dinner.  On festive occasions, it is often festooned with twinkle lights, crepe paper, and various brightly colored decorations.

Today, I am eating my breakfast out here.  As I greet the day, I can feel the early morning breeze, hear birdsong, and the traffic on our street.   To be honest, our back porch is not neat and pristine, as some would like it.  Rather, it is as they say, “lived in.”  We have plants and our gardening tools, our lawn chairs we take to Shakespeare in the park, our bicycle pump, and various and sundry other items that we want close at hand. It also houses the extra freezer we need for our large community and a table that will sit up to 14 people if we squeeze tight.

What you can’t see are the memories – the laughter – the raised glasses at the departure of a beloved community member – or the late-night conversations when one of us, just needed to talk a while.

So, today I celebrate these moments and give thanks for the places where we can gather.  Today, I give thanks for our back porch.

Why not, take a few moments this day to reflect on those places in your life where you can greet the day, unwind, and celebrate life.  Then, make some more memories.

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5 responses to “Back Porch Days

  1. Thank you, very much sister June:

    Sometimes we spend half our lives preparing for something big, planning for success. But sometimes we are not aware of all the precious things that are hidden in the day to day and that we miss along the way.
    The words, the gestures, the time that other people dedicate to us, the opportunity to be alive every day, the beauty of nature.

    This reflection helps me to open my heart and eyes to look around me again, to remember that on October 08, 2020, my birthday, I went to a beach at 7 am to look at the sea and I could meditate and have a connection with nature and listen to the voice of nature that gave me an answer it was a good experience that day.
    And then in the afternoon we went to eat pizza because in my birthday there is never a surprise because they know that I love to eat pizza they always deliver pizza to me.

  2. We eat as many meals as possible on our porch! It’s just so beautiful. Our simple meals are transformed to feasts as we observe the changing sunlight, listen to the animals, and greet people walking by. I’m glad you get to do this, also!

  3. Dear June,
    On this Feast of St. Therese and our guardian angels, I hear them speaking through you. Simplicity is the gift of being able to give love and receive love in the present moment. It is all about relationship. Thank so much for your reflection. You made my day!

  4. Thank you, June! Appreciate the invitation / reminder to attend to the simple events of life that hold the deep grace of the daily.

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