I Call You Friend, Come and Follow Me

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One of my favorite lines from the Gospel of John is, “I have called you friends.”  That is how my relationship with God is.  We are friends.  Not just the kind of friends who tell you what you want to know, but one of those friends who knows you so well they can look you in the eye and know what you’re thinking, if you’re lying, in a bad or good mood and can challenge you with the hard things, the honest truth.

That kind of friendship is indeed “priceless.”

As we reflect on what it means for God to call us friend, I invite you to reflect on the words to this song written by Sr. Rita McManus.

I set my rainbow in the sky
above the clouds so bright and high.
It speaks of promise that never ends,
my faithful love – I call you friend.

I walk with you in all your ways,
it was my love that fashioned you.
To be a people I call my own,
walk close to me – I call you friend.

I call each one by your own name
and you are precious in my sight.
I hold your hand- Do not be afraid,
I am your God – I call you friend.

You are my friends, not servants now
for I have told you everything.
Live in my love ‘til I come again,
complete your joy – I call you friend.

And in the breaking of the bread
you will remember all I said.
My Holy Spirit to you I send
and my own peace – I call you friend.

Though now you see as in a glass
that day will dawn when face to face,
in radiant joy that will never end
you’ll know the one who calls you friend.


Jesus calls his friends to, “come and follow me.”  If Jesus is calling you to follow him, give us a call or visit our website to begin your journey.


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6 responses to “I Call You Friend, Come and Follow Me

  1. Thank you very much for sharing Sister June. It is true that the friendship of Jesus is always unconditional, it never fails, it never fails! And he always complies with what he affirmed to his disciples: “No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends.”


  2. Sr. June, thank you for this beautiful reflection. In the coming days, I will deeply contemplate my friendship with the Lord. Indeed, what a friend we have in Jesus! God bless you.

  3. Thank you, June. I love the ode to ‘my friend’. It is going into my keeper file! And will be well-used!

  4. I really enjoyed your poem. It is a nice way to image God as a friend you can count on. Thank you for sharing one of your many talents.

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