Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

Is waking up hard for you to do?  Are you one to rise and shine upon hearing your alarm clock break the silence of the morning? Or, like me, are you slow to rise from the comfort of your bed and like to stay under the blankets past the time the alarm clock sounds off?

Our ease or difficulty with waking up can be more than just a physical challenge though.  Waking up can also be an experience of spiritual awakening, of coming to an awareness of who we are (our life’s purpose), who we are called to be, what we are called to stand up for or against.

Waking up can have so many different meanings. We may be quick to respond to new ideas or we may be slow to accept new ideas. Waking up is a metaphor for how we engage or disengage from people, ideas, or situations. Reflect with me for a moment on this theme of waking up. How do we need to wake up? Do you find it hard to:

  • Wake up to what is just and unjust around you?
  • Wake up to God’s call to something more in life?
  • Wake up to truth and falsehoods?
  • Wake up to beauty and see the good around you?
  • Wake up to oppressive systems that need to change and vow not to be silent?
  • Wake up to how God sees you and others?
  • Wake up to being present in the moment and understand how you might be absent with others?
  • Wake up to what is important and recognize what is less trivial?

Waking up is a spiritual journey of discovery about ourselves and others, of seeking and understanding how we are called to be and what we are called to do.

We may find it hard to wake up to new realities that bring the need for making changes or decisions. We may find it difficult to accept and move on from the familiar to the unfamiliar.  Waking up to new ways of seeing and understanding what is happening within us and around us can be unsettling but also transformative, calling us into deeper union with others and to a richer awareness of God’s abiding love and presence among us.

What about you? What do you find difficult to wake up to?

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  1. Thanks, Mary Ellen. You have some good and deep thoughts and questions for us. Waking up is a lifelong process, isn’t it?

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