To be Alive is to Adapt

Blog by Sr. Roberta Miller

Many of us know someone near and dear who almost made their centurion year. We know a few sisters who are already into the second century of life on this Earth. Does God keep them present to us as witnesses to Love? An aspect of this mystery most clear to us is that life on Earth continues evolving. All life evolves to contend with these changes whether in climate, resources or in health.

However, today, our human response to this call has been clouded as a consequence of human behavior and technology; the ability of all life to adapt to life changes has been shortened by us as well.

We have been gifted with inventiveness and abilities to effect wonderful medical and scientific advances for Good. At the same time, we have twisted realities and denied or overlooked the consequences of applications of our inventiveness. This is most evident in relation to our environment. Have you thought or heard that dog urine is good for lawn grass? It’s not—concentrated nitrogen. Dog poop may contain harmful bacteria. Other dangerous elements getting into animal, marine and, thus, human bodies are plastics and harmful chemicals.

We have just changed our clocks over to standard time—lose an hour. More sleep time?  Perhaps. The annual time shifts from Standard to Daylight savings upset the internal clocks which all Nature: “there is a season and a time for every purpose on earth.”  As it is many human activities already require sleep shifts which endanger others because of the disruption of the melatonin (sleep) hormone–police, nurses, doctors, firemen, and truck drivers for a few.  Urban life with its sirens, traffic, streetlights, and apartment noise prevents the deep sleep of the circadian cycle. After age 65, generally, the circadian rhythm changes with early morning becoming the best time for mental tasks as afternoons move toward earlier sleep time.

So go to bed early or take your naps and relax.


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  1. Love it, Roberta! It gave me a chuckle, but also reflects a lot of my personal TRUTH! Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

    Pat Mood, OP

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