Plea for the Leaders of North America

Plea for the Leaders of North America: Trudeau, Biden and Obrador

We condemn President Biden’s decision to continue Title 42, which former President Trump initiated to ban asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico in order to prevent spread of Covid.  Biden promised a more humane treatment of migrants but that seems like empty words.  These current immigration policies separate families, cause unacceptable trauma, and threaten the lives of thousands of children and parents.  As a country, we are shirking our moral duty by acting contrary to Gospel values and slamming the door on families fleeing for their lives.  Just last month, we celebrated the Holy Family who were forced to flee to a foreign country to save their baby’s life.

Migrants have a human right to migrate. This right is balanced with a country’s right to uphold its national border. But it is against International Law and our own moral code to send the weak and vulnerable into sure danger when we have resources that could protect life.  Rather than adding to a climate of fear and life-threatening barriers, let us as Americans put energy and resources into addressing the root causes of migration.

I ask you to write President Biden to reverse Title 42 and work for a total reform of US Immigration Policy for  more just and humane treatment of migrants.  Our Chapter Commitments call us to create a culture of inclusion and take action to eradicate racism and exclusion.  While the leaders of North America meet, let us pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe to guide Trudeau, Biden, and Obrador to take responsibility for just treatment of migrants.  This time is too urgent for empty words while lives are threatened, and suffering continues.

Here are three ways to contact President Biden:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

By phone:

By email form:


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  1. Thank you, Sr. Gemma for calling us to take responsibility as well as our President in the great need for attention to our Immigration Policy. So many immigrant children are alone and lost after being separated from their parents. Immigrants and Refugees are fleeing from their countries not for a vacation here in America but for safety for their lives and children. I will write to our President and pray that our President and VicePresident take active steps to formulate a just and safe policy for all refugees and immigrants especially to protect the children from kidnapping and trafficking that I am sure is already happening. May each of us have an impact for change with prayer and action.

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