Polarization is NOT Catholic!

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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Have you seen the cover of the January issue of AMERICA magazine? The Pope is there with the headline “POLARIZATION IS NOT CATHOLIC”. Notice that all the letters are in upper case which takes the easy way out for the magazine at least at face value.

Polarization is not catholic for sure because catholic (small c) means universal; therefore, everyone is welcome and cannot be separated for any reason. Polarization is not Catholic is hardly correct, and right now the institutional Church has been fine with our divisions and polarities. Our church leaders have polarized the priests and the people in the pew with their very public rebuttals of Pope Francis and his pronouncements. Regional seminaries bring men together from various dioceses and some have Bishops who follow the Pope and some have Bishops who are publicly critical of the Pope, so they must have lively debates, or not.

Wherein lies the truth, and finding it is something every Dominican must be committed to for everyone’s sake. Disagreements might be healthy until they tear at the fabric of our universal truths. Some may say, how can they be universal if they are tearing us apart? Good question, how do we answer it? Study, listening to all sides, being well informed, searching for motivations and intentions and the best of all Prayer! Jesus warned us that we would be divided within our families and in our faith. As women and men of the Gospel, we must look and pray deeply to find the ways that Jesus has given us to really be catholic.

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2 responses to “Polarization is NOT Catholic!

  1. Pat, thank you for this thought provoking blog. As you noted, we the people in the pews have been and are polarized. I agree that one step is to pray deeply and the second step would be to ask for the wisdom to listen deeply to one another. Such listening and then conversing could lead us to Truth.

  2. When I read your blog it brought to mind the 2 videos for our current study topics. The idea about Displacement fits here. I feel the USCCB has displaced practicing Catholics with the very conservative views of Catholicism in their relation to real life events. It is important for all sides and information to be studied to make a truth filled decision.

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