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Where is God?  Does that not sound like the question a child would ask?  But is that question not found in our scriptures?  And the answer given is – “Our God is in heaven” – not like your gods made of silver and gold by human hands.

Another question then – where is the Word by whom all things came to be?  Is not that Word God?  So where then is the Word?  The Word who became flesh is God and the Word who became one of us, who suffered, died, and rose is also in heaven.

And again – where is heaven — for centuries all we humans knew was what we could see – our planet Earth, which we thought was the center, and our sun and moon in what we called heaven.  But NOW – humans have developed tools, lenses, to see what we could not see with our eyes alone.  And the words of a favorite hymn of mine comes to mind:  “Through the vastness of creation all our hearts are known to Thee; lead us through the land of shadows to that vast eternity” – and where is our God in all of that vastness?

Yet we believe that Word became flesh and dwelt among us – taking on ordinary human nature, revealing so much about our God – even to death.  And the night before that death gave himself to us as food – as bread and wine – present to us in the ordinary – for us to consume, to become one with Him and with one another.  And in the vastness of creation the Christ, the Word made flesh, comes to us as ordinary food and drink, to be found in the ordinary.


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  1. Rosemary: Thank you for the very inspiring reflection! There are so many questions and so few verifiable answers these days…Sometimes the Scriptures bring enlightenment, but sometimes it is just plain FAITH we must rely upon until the we receive the gift of more light.from (God Given) life experience…the wonderful world we have been given, wise family/friends/even strangers…who gift us with new questions and new answers that we never dreamed of. Thanks Rosemary.
    Hi to Queen Esther and Corina! Much love, Cathryn Wright OPA

  2. Well done, Rosamaria! I just came from a wonderful Retreat and talks on the Eucharist were great, though as you know ,always more to reflect on.

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