Who Are We, Really 

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Who Are We, Really 

We are all kin from floating microbes to walking beings. That is the way God created us. Sir.42:24-5 We think we are good stewards, but we are not.  We ignore God’s weavings, the interplay of all the parts. The ecosystem is the interdependence of innumerable pieces—when in balance.  

 Yet, we construct worlds of opposites in our world—cement or grasses, water or chemicals, fish or plastics; anything perceived dangerous or not useful to us, exterminate—mosquitos, ticks, wolves, buffalo, possums, skunks. Yes, insects can carry harmful diseases but are also food for larger creatures such as birds, bats, lizards, and fish who in turn may be food for others. Others like beavers maintain thriving waters and wolves enable trees to grow while bison loosen up and fertilize the Plains for wild grasses and flowers for the bees so necessary for our fruits and vegetables.  

God has endowed humans with abilities to analyze and change our understandings if we listen, hear, and act.  It is a challenge to cleanse our waters and soils from the PFAS [forever chemicals] since these don’t break down as organics; these are the dangers to the health of us and all of Nature. Recycling reduces some of the huge quantity we produce [9-14 million tons annually into our oceans] but humans and creatures do consume plastics in our water and fish for what disintegrates becomes like pieces of pepper flakes. Chemicals of course are consumed in our food and present in our personal environment—stain-resistant clothing or furniture, food packaging, soil, and drinking water—all of which may upset our metabolic system to cause health issues.  

Currently, no easy answers exist. We know bacteria may be an ally in purifying our polluted environment but the need to stop plastic use is now. As urged by South African bishops in 1999, “Everyone’s talents and involvement are needed to redress the damage caused by human abuse of God’s Creation.”  And from Meister Eckhart, “God is creating the whole world now in this instant.” 

What can each of us discover, praise, and do today? 

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3 responses to “Who Are We, Really 

  1. Thanks, Roberta, for reminding us of our need to care for our home! What we are doing to our oceans is extremely sad, and so many are ignorant of the destruction we are causing, especially by our use of plastics, particularly single- use plastics. We tend to forget that there is no “Planet B”. We need to wake up and pay attention!

    Peace and Blessings,
    Pat Mood, OP

  2. Right on, Sr. Roberta!
    I appreciate your challenges of waking up and be more aware of the Beauty of all Creation and all creatures large and small as well as how we are all connected. I pray to do whatever I can to stop harming the environment and lessening plastic use as well as sharing with others and learning from others. Gratefully, Brigid

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