Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Marriage of Secrets and Power

Sr. Judy Morris, OP
Blog by Sr. Judy Morris, OP

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a massive multi-country agreement being negotiated entirely in secret that would give corporations the power to decide our laws on everything from access to affordable medicine to what we eat. It would undermine financial reform and destabilize job markets across the globe. It would open up our local and national governments to lawsuits from corporations if we pass laws that infringe on profits.” – SumOfUs

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Ending Slavery is Everyone’s Work

Blog by Sr. Carol Davis, OP
Blog by Sr. Carol Davis, OP

Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace are in the forefront of working to end slavery. Human trafficking is a contemporary form of slavery. Pope Francis calls it “a plague on humanity.” It is the second largest form of criminal activity, exceeded only by drug trafficking. Today, 21-30 million people are being induced through fraud, force, or coercion, into commercial sex acts or labor services. There are reports of organ trafficking. Continue reading →

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Becoming a Welcoming Community

Sr. Mary Ann Connolly
Blog by Sr. Mary Ann Connolly, OP

Welcoming America (, an initiative started in Iowa in 2004, continued in Nashville, TN, in 2005, and now spread throughout the United States, has as its goal the development of receptive communities where immigrants may thrive. As their web site states: “Welcoming America focuses on the communities where new immigrants have made their homes, helping neighbors build relationships built on trust and understanding. Instead of focusing on the seed, we concentrate on preparing the soil in which it will flourish.” Among the many cities and counties participating are Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dayton, Denver, Dodge City, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Tucson. Continue reading →

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