Do not be afraid – Go, tell!

“Mary Magdalene and the other Mary…ran to announce the news…. And behold, Jesus met them on their way and…said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. Go tell…'” – Matthew 28

Blog by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP

Today I am thinking about these women running to announce the news of Jesus’ Resurrection – and about all those who down through the centuries have continued to tell the story for 2000 years – and especially those in our own lives who have passed on their faith to us!

In reflecting on the wealth of joy, peace, guidance and wisdom that has filled my life because of those who shared their faith with me, those who helped nurture my love for Christ and my faith in his Resurrection, I am deeply grateful for all those announcers of Good News to me.

When I was about a five year old (before our family became Catholic) my sister, Ruth, and I would go with the neighborhood kids to a Baptist Sunday School held in borrowed rooms of the Will Rogers Public School building down the hill from our house. We prided ourselves in our perfect attendance record – and were rewarded by special prizes which we cherished beyond their worth! Continue reading →

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Moving from “Invitation” to a “Radical Welcome”

Blog by Associate Colette Parker, OPA – Co-Director

What is Radical Welcome?

I’ve been pondering a question this weekend: How do we move from invitation to radical welcome?

The question emerged on Saturday during the Midwest Mission Group Meeting in St. Catharine, KY, where we engaged in a discussion about Living Interculturally; and it’s been begging me for an answer since then.

I found that before I could answer that question, I needed to answer the obvious question: What is radical welcome?

I decided that radical welcome means asking people to be fully present and to share their total being – their culture, their experiences, their voices.

It means moving beyond inclusivity to a place where we genuinely want to engage in truly meaningful mutual relationships. It means valuing the culture, experiences, voice, and entire being of each individual in our community. It means ensuring that each individual’s presence, gifts, and perspectives will be valued and visible and will influence the community’s identity, structure, mission and ministries. Continue reading →

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I am praising God today!

Blog by Associate Colette Parker, OPA – Co-Director

God is worthy of praise

I am praising God because the Lord is worthy of joyful thanksgiving and adoration, and the Lord’s goodness and grace is worthy of celebration.

Over the last couple of weeks, the difficulties of life – a close family member in critical condition; another close family member undergoing life-changing surgery; a close friend dealing with the news of a terminal diagnosis – clouded my vision.

Fear began to creep in as I contemplated the worst in each of those situations. My heart sank as I began to remember all of the losses I have experienced – particularly those of my mother, my father, my sister, and three brothers – and the grief that each of those losses brought to my life. Continue reading →

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Will Your Legacy Be a Great Resume or an Inspiring Eulogy?

Blog by Associate Colette Parker, OPA – Co-Director

Striving to Inspire

I heard a beautiful eulogy last week:

He “worked to bring the hope of Christ to people’s lives. He also built bridges of solidarity to people of other faiths as a leader in ecumenism and inter-religious affairs…. The most fitting tribute we can offer is to carry forward his episcopal motto in our daily lives: ‘Do the work of an evangelist.'”

Those words – uttered by Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo (of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) about his dear friend Cardinal William H. Keeler (retired Archbishop of Baltimore), who died last Thursday – struck a chord in my heart.

I thought – “Wow! I hope someone somewhere can say something like that about me” because I am striving to lead a life in which I am inspired and I can inspire others. I was reminded that each day we are writing our eulogy – the foundational document of our legacy – with our lives. Continue reading →

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My/Your St. Joseph Story

Blog by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP

For many it would have seemed a happy coincidence, but for me it was an answer to a desperate prayer. It happened on the break day midway through the IRF (Institute for Religious Formation) 30 Day Retreat held in Sedalia, CO, at which I was one of the retreat directors. A native of Kansas, I was eager to take a short trip into the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, and then meet friends in Denver for an afternoon lunch and visit before returning to continue the retreat.

Stopping at a close-by gas station, I asked the locals for some directions. Suggesting I drive over the pass to Georgetown – a quaint mountain town with interesting gift shops and a cute ice cream parlor – they gave me a map and I set out. The road was clear as I began the climb, but about halfway up the slope it began to snow – at first a flurry, gradually growing into a full-fledged blizzard as I continued the ascent. Just as I was beginning to doubt if I should keep going, a snowplow appeared in front of me, clearing the way. As I reached the top of the pass, it pulled aside, and I started down the other side of the mountain. Continue reading →

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