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A Good Samaritan

I added a new name to my list of Good Samaritans last week: Ian Grillot.

As I watched a television interview with the 24-year-old Kansas man – while he lay in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace and recovering from gunshot wounds to his hand and chest – his words warmed my heart: “I was just doing what anyone should’ve done for another human being.”

Anyone? I don’t know too many people who would stand up against hatred and take a bullet for a stranger. Do you?

Well, Ian Grillot did. According to news reports he is the man who intervened when a gunman opened fire on two men of Indian descent and of the Hindu faith, killing one and injuring the other, inside an Olathe, KS, sports bar. The gunman reportedly thought the two men were of Middle Eastern descent and made bigoted remarks to them (including “get out of my country”) before opening fire. Continue reading →

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