Reconciling with Earth During Lent

Blog by Sr. Roberta Miller

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!

Some will remember this 1961 musical, but is this you today? Certainly, we are besieged with calamities, deprivations, and violence. Do we scream “Enough! Let me escape from all this pressure!” Or is it “How long God will this go on?”

Perhaps we are in the midst of creating a new and sacred story this Lenten season. We are being immersed in a time of change/evolution—personally as well as collectively. Relationship is one of the key elements—with God, with self, with those around and far away. Creation is mine, says God. Do we/I really own that Truth in life/daily living? Do we/I see the beauties outside our windows or in the persons met? In my reflections do I connect my life choices/activities with their impact upon creation and the lives of the poor and vulnerable?

A Syrian living in a tent camp this winter within that ravaged county gives us a direction for our Lenten renewal: “In Syria we lose sometimes the taste of food and life but we can’t lose the taste of giving that sweetens our life.”

Over these Lenten weeks, as winter turns into Spring, in conjunction with Laudato Si and urging of “Making Peace with Nature” report by the UN Environment Program, the Eco-justice Committee offers you its “Going Green in Winter” series. Each section (Food, Home, Energy, Water, Earth) calls us to reflection and action for the sake of sustaining God’s Creation.

To prepare you for this series, we share this special video. Regina Loayza, a member of Proyecto Mariposa and Rising Youth under our Common Spirit grant, has created a TED talk in which she begins with her personal experiences of climate change, heat, and pollution in family visits to Peru. Using the metaphor of a sewing needle, she ‘sews’ for us the fabric for climate change legislation through which everyone has access to healthy air, water, and land, well-being, and economic security. Click here to view her talk.


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The Work of a Lifetime Not Just 40 Days

Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP

Has this Lenten season been really intense for you? Has it been soothing and reflective for you? Has it been life-changing? Did you know it was the Lenten season? Well, last chance! This is Holy Week and Lent will soon be over.

You see, we sometimes tend to isolate this time of year and forget that mercy, compassion, repentance and forgiveness are lifetime goals. We don’t just try them out for 40 days.

So next year, when the ashes are placed on your forehead and you hear words like, “Repent and believe the Good News,” you just might be able to say AMEN because it is what you have been doing and will continue to do every day of the year, not just for the 40 days called Lent.

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“Neither Do I Condemn You”

Pat Dual
Blog by Sr. Pat Dual, OP

“Neither Do I Condemn You”
– John 8:11

This Sunday, marks the beginning of our last week of the Lenten season, leading us into the journey of Holy Week. It hardly seems that just a few short weeks ago, I began another annual Lenten journey – receiving the ashen mark of my faith on the forehead and deciding how I might personally mark this season of prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving. Probably, this last week of Lent is a time that each of us might look back to recall if our Lenten journey was what we had hoped for this year, or did we fall short of our expectation or goal? Personally, I know there have been times when I have reached this point during Lent and think, “next year I will do better.” But an amazing Lenten grace from God is to realize that because of Love, our failings can be forgiven and we can begin anew – today. Continue reading →

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Lenten Befriending: the Hole and the Whole

Blog by Sr. Janet Schlichting, OP
Blog by Sr. Janet Schlichting, OP

Lent is not defined by our individual programs of suffering and self-denial. As I mused in my February blog, at the heart of the season is “fastening” to God and one another. And if you will indulge me in a little more word-play, the fastening to God involves some nagging difficulties. The Hole and the Whole. The Hole is the neediness we carry from our birth, and the community, the Whole, is both support and trial, blessing and burden. Continue reading →

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