One More Step

“Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” (John 20:25)

Blog by Sr. Mai-Dung Nguyen, OP

Not only did Thomas in the Gospel have his doubts about Jesus’ resurrection, but I remember the time when I was discerning my call to religious life, I often doubted this call. Was it really a call from the Divine? Would I be able to live this call throughout my life or would I have to make another choice after a while? With such doubts, like Thomas, I began to bargain with God, “If you choose me to live the religious life, please give me a sign….” When I did not recognize any sign, I said, “This may not be my call.” Then, when I saw a sign, I said, “It may be just a coincidence.” I do not remember how many times I said such things to God.

“Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” (John 20:27)

This invitation is a faith challenge. One day, after I shared my doubts about my call with a Vocation Sister, she told me, “I think you have a religious call. Many people have this call as well. Then, so what? Not many people make this happen.”

“Why?” I asked. Continue reading →

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Journeying toward the Empty Tomb in the Triduum

Pat Dual
Blog by Sr. Pat Dual, OP

As we journey together towards the “empty tomb,” let us remember:

Let us remember the holy self-gift of God in the Eucharist.

Let us remember, wait and pray as the story of the sacrificial cost of our salvation unfolds.

Let us remember and rejoice in Love who enfolds us and emerged from the “empty tomb” to ensure for us the promise of eternal life.

May you be blessed during these days of the Triduum and may you be filled with peace, hope, and joy at Easter!

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Breaking the Silence

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

Speaking the Truth

Silence hurts. Keeping silent about a concern can be a burden that robs us of the opportunity to connect with others and to “speak the truth in a million voices [because] it is silence that kills.” This quote is from St. Catherine of Siena and speaks powerfully of the need to address the elephant in the room. In Galatians 6:2, we are encouraged to “carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the Law of Christ.” Many of us carry concerns that we hide from others, perhaps because it is more comfortable to do so. We may fear being judged or not being understood. Our challenge, however, is to be a voice in the darkness, breaking the silence that may enshroud us, allowing God to work through us for the good of all whose lives we touch and whose lives touch us. Continue reading →

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Wade in the Water. Stepping out in faith.

Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP

Wading into the Water

The first time I heard the song Wade in the Water, I was attending Sunday services with a friend of mine at her church in Washington, DC. Having grown up in the Catholic Church, this song was not one I was familiar with. However, after a few measures – the beat took over my feet, hands and my entire body as we all began moving to the music. I still remember the heat of the church, the gardenia corsage the usher had pinned to my blouse, and a little boy dancing in the aisle. It is a song that has a deep visceral memory for me and it is one that soothes my soul when I feel the familiar beat and hear the tune swelling up to the rafters. It became a song that lapped against my life as I discerned God’s call to this life. Continue reading →

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The Package Deal

Blog by Sr. Beata Tiboldi

What is a package deal? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a “package deal is an offer or agreement involving a number of related items or one making acceptance of one item dependent on the acceptance of another.” Have you ever thought about how your name and baptismal call are part of a package deal? Let’s take a closer look at how our acceptance of our names and baptismal call are important.

In Scripture, names reveal a great deal of information. For example, when Rachel’s first son was born, she named him Joseph, hoping that God would “add another son” for her (Genesis 30:24). In the story of the birth of Jesus, we are told that his name will be Emmanuel, which means God is with us. It is not unusual in the Old Testament that someone gets renamed when they are called to become a prophet or to enter into a new way of life. For example, Abram became Abraham when God called him to be “the father of a multitude of nations” (Genesis 17:5). Sarai became Sarah for she would be blessed, would bear a son, and she would “give rise to the nations and rulers of nations will [would] issue from her” (Genesis 17:15-16). Jacob became Israel in Genesis 32:28 and 35:10. Their new names convey a call to a new way of life and a message from God. Continue reading →

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