Following God Joyfully

The dictionary defines a vocation as “a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.” This “feeling of suitability” also extends to our life as Christians. Some of us feel called to family life, or to serve the church as educators or Extraordinary ministers. Some of us feel that “feeling of suitability” or calling towards life as a religious Sister.

If you believe that your calling is to serve God as a Dominican Sister of Peace, then this is the place for you.

Your next step? Learning more about religious life, more about the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and entering a process of discernment …  of determining God’s desire for your life.

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National Catholic Sisters Week

Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP
Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP

National Catholic Sisters Week is March 8 – 14. Created to honor women religious, it is a series of events that instruct, enlighten and bring greater focus to the lives of these incredible women. It’s our chance to recognize all they have done for us. It’s also our hope that as more young women learn about women religious, more will choose to follow their example. Continue reading →

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Walk With Me

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA
Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

As a teenager and young adult, I often wrote poetry to express and connect with my inner feelings. Through poetry, I could explore the musings of my heart and let myself wander in wonderment with what my words might reveal. For me, words are like art and music, taking many forms and expressions. Like an artist, the poet uses words to paint a picture in the mind’s eye. Like a musician, a poet uses words to elicit feelings in a person’s soul. Continue reading →

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