Phuong Thuy Vu Welcomed as Candidate with the Dominican Sisters of Peace

phuong-responds-to-questionsNEW HAVEN, CT – On Saturday, February 20, 2016, Phuong Thuy Vu was welcomed as a candidate with the Dominican Sisters of Peace at a ceremony held at Albertus Magnus College in St. Catherine of Siena Chapel. Sr. Patricia Twohill, OP, Prioress, opened the chapel door for Phuong and welcomed her in the name of the congregation. Sr. Carole Hermann, OP, who will accompany Phuong as her local formation minister, presented her with a lit candle as a reminder that religious life is one way of responding to the baptismal call to holiness. Continue reading →

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A Snake in the Convent and Other Adventures in Community Life

Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP
Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP

This morning I was eating my breakfast at our kitchen table when Sister Ireen came into the room and asked me, “What do we do with snakes in the motherhouse?”

She stood at the end of the table with a plastic bag balled up in her hand – holding it a bit away from her body. I looked at the bag and asked the obvious, “Is there a snake in that bag?” She answered immediately, “Oh yes, I caught it and brought it up to you. I figured you’d know what to do with it.” Continue reading →

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“Whom Shall I Send?”

Pat Dual
Blog by Sr. Pat Dual, OP

“Whom Shall I Send? Here I am Lord, send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

I love this “call and response” verse from Isaiah. It is the question and answer at the root of every vocation call (religious or lay) when God is truly part of the discernment process. God is still calling and inviting women and men to consider religious life, but the invitation may go unnoticed in the busyness and noise of today’s society. However, Pope Francis has helped to energize people’s interest in viewing religious life as a viable option for their future. Francis has encouraged young people to pray about God’s call for their life. The Church is, indeed, finding that there are young people responding with a willingness to be “open and sent” in answer to God’s invitation. Continue reading →

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