Celebrating our 2019 Jubilarians

Join us in celebrating Dominican Sisters of Peace who are celebrating milestone anniversaries in their religious lives.

Dominican Sisters of Peace 2019 Jubilarians with the Leadership Team at the Tenth Anniversary Celebration in July 2019. From left, Sr. Therese Leckert, Leadership; Sr. Roberta Miller, Golden Jubilarian; Sr. June Fitzgerald, Silver Jubilarian; Sr. Gemma Doll, Leadership; Sr. Janet Schlichting, Golden Jubilarian; Sr. Harriet Agnew, Golden Jubilarian; Sr. Arleen Kisiel, Golden Jubilarian; Sr. Judy Morris, Golden Jubilarian; Sr. Kathy Broussard, Silver Jubilarian; Sr. Christine Connally, Golden Jubilarian; Prioress Pat Twohill; Sr. Gene Poore, Leadership and Sr. Anne Lythgoe, Leadership.

25 Years

Kathy Broussard (New Orleans, LA)
June Fitzgerald (New Haven, CT)

50 Years

Harriet Agnew (Akron, OH)
Christine Connolly (Niskayuna, NY)
Arleen Kisiel (Columbus, OH)
Roberta Miller (Columbus, OH)
Judy Morris (Akron, OH)
Janet Schlichting (Akron, OH)

60 Years

Melinda Burkhart (Columbus, OH)
John Marie Charniga (Akron, OH
Catherine Malya Chen (Columbus, OH)
Marlene Dimmerling (Columbus, OH)
Maureen Flanagan (Columbus, OH)
Joan Franklin (Leetonia, OH)
Patricia Gavaghan (Columbus, OH)
Lillian Gehlen (Wichita, KS)
Agnes Bernadette Gott (Quakertown, PA)
Rosalie Graham (Columbus, OH)
Teresa Gurule (St. Catharine, KY)
Colette Heck (Oxford, MI)
Diane Hooley (Columbus, OH)
Mary Claire Kirkpatrick (Waltham, MA)
Nancy Jane Kuntz (Wichita, KS)
Pauline LaMothe (Chicago, IL)
de Chantal Lorenz (Columbus, OH)
Dorothy Lorio (Columbus, OH)
Christine Loughlin (Plainville, MA)
Helen McCarthy (Watertown, MA)
Amy McFrederick (Akron, OH)
Denise Mueting (Lakewood, CO)
Rebecca Otter (Larned, KS)
LeAnn Probst (Lame Deer, MT)
Anne Rutledge (Columbus, OH)
Barbara Sullivan (St. Catharine, KY)
Mary Terence Wasinger (St. Catharine, KY)
Mary Ann Wiesemann-Mills (Akron, OH)
Annette Winter (Great Bend, KS)
Joan Wolf (Great Bend, KS)

65 Years

Betty Baltrinic (Richfield, OH)
Jacqueline Baum (Columbus, OH)
Alverda Bonifas (St. Catharine, KY)
Mary Ann Connolly (Columbus, OH)
Philomena Cook (Akron, OH)
Maria DeMonte (Oxford, MI)
Mary Ann Fedor (Columbus, OH)
Colleen Gallagher (Columbus, OH)
Jean Goering (Great Bend, KS)
Joan Marie Hill (Columbus, OH)
Nancy Rioux (St. Catharine, KY)
Eleanor Tierney (St. Catharine, KY)

70 Years

Corona Bayer (Great Bend, KS)
Melita Bearinger (Columbus, OH)
Denise Bourgeois (Columbus, OH)
Raymunda Brooks (Columbus, OH)
Virginia Burgardt (Great Bend, KS)
Mary Jo Fox (Columbus, OH)
Miriam Hazy (Oxford, MI)
Rose Anthony Heitzman (St. Catharine, KY)
Cora Minnaji (Pittsburgh, PA)
Monica Myers (St. Catharine, KY)
Virginia Mary Sammett (St. Catharine, KY)            L

75 Years

Mary Hoguet (Columbus, OH)
Dorothy Lemon (Columbus, OH)   COL

85 Years

Edwina Devlin (Columbus, OH)