Dominican Sisters of Peace 2020 Annual Report


As I sit down to write this letter to you, our much-loved friends and supporters, I hardly know where to start. What a year it has been!

Pandemic, protest, politics, polarizations…it seems that every day brings a new shock. Sadly, these crises have not brought us together as Christian charity demands.

During a time of similar polarization, our founder, St. Dominic, used the practice of disputatio, a form of respectful debate, in his preaching and conversions. Disputatio requires that one listen to and respect the voices of others, knowing that all voices hold some kernel of truth. Only by respecting all voices, and by taking these voices together to come to the one truth – the Gospel of Christ – can we combat the division in our world.

In this year’s annual report, we have asked for those around us to tell the story of the Congregation in their words. You’ll hear from those who work with our Sisters, those who have benefitted from the work that our Sisters do, and those who have supported our Congregation since its founding in 2009. I hope that you find these stories as interesting and thought provoking as I have. I also hope and pray that as we truly listen to the voices around us, we will seek Truth, find Peace, and strengthen the ties that bind us as one in Christ’s body.

Wih gratitude,

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