The Dominican Sisters of Peace Eco-Justice Commitee

Eco-Justice Committee

Charged with our Congregational commitment to preach truth with hope in God’s promise for our future, the Eco-Justice Committee of the Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates fosters God’s web of life by advocating and supporting just policies and decisions to reduce the impact of global climate change and promote integral ecology and care of creation.

The Eco-Justice Committee is comprised of both Sister and Associate members and meets via Zoom Conference Call monthly. The committee regularly facilitates and/or participates in the following initiatives:


  • Creating and distributing informational sheets on eco-justice issues;
  • Educating our community on eco-justice issues using various forms of media such as documentaries, prayer services, and handouts;
  • Providing displays at Assemblies with various information regarding the environment such as recycling resources;
  • Researching Congregational lands and preservation work;
  • Contributing to congregational blogs and reflections and giving presentations on environmental issues;
  • Providing support and service regarding land use and land ethic;


  • Advocating for just environmental policies at all levels of the government including writing letters, signing petitions, participating in marches or rallies; lobbying with congressional representatives, etc.;


  • Completing various projects for the Leadership Team;
  • Supporting Motherhouse Green Teams;


  • Challenging ourselves to become more aware of our global and environmental impact;
  • Challenging those in legislative positions to consider the environmental impact of their decisions and policies; and
  • Inspiring all to live in communion with creation.


To be a part of this vital team, please email Interim Justice Promoter Sister Judy Morris at