Dominican Sisters of Peace Peace and Non-Violence Committee

Charged with our Congregational commitment to preach truth with hope in God’s promise for our future, the Peace & Nonviolence Committee of the Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates creates environments of peace by promoting non-violence, unity in diversity, and reconciliation among ourselves, in the Church and throughout the world.

The Peace & Nonviolence Committee is comprised of both Sister and Associate members and meets via Conference Call monthly. The committee regularly facilitates and/or participates in the followings initiatives:


  • Participating in a common study;
  • Educating our community on peace & nonviolence issues using various forms of media such as documentaries, prayer services, and handouts;
  • Providing displays at Assemblies and organizing Sisters and Associates to support gun safety legislation;
  • Contributing to congregational blogs and reflections and giving presentations on various peace and nonviolence issues;
  • Growing awareness of actions and issues in personal areas/cities;


  • Advocating for just policies at all levels of the government that promote peace and protect life including writing letters (including Lunch Letter Postcards), signing petitions, participating in marches or rallies; lobbying with congressional representatives, etc.;
  • Developing peace and non-violent awareness and action at ministries, in local communities, and especially at Motherhouses;
  • Participating in prayer and fasting for social justice issues by sponsoring the First Friday Fast;


  • Supporting and collaborating with various groups and coalitions such as Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence and Win Without War;
  • Providing prayers and a spirituality component that are social justice oriented as well as participating in World Day of Peace prayers and activities;


  • Challenging ourselves to become more aware of our implicit violence and ways to live and practice nonviolence;
  • Challenging those in legislative positions to work toward peaceful policies such as gun safety and an end to the death penalty; and
  • Encouraging the personal development of a spirituality of nonviolence and inspiring all to live by the Gospel of nonviolence.

Study Materials

  • The Blessed are the Peacemakers Webinar recording is available for use by associate groups, study groups, or individuals.  The video is 2 1/3 hours. The materials include the agenda, power point, handouts, and suggested reading. You can access those resources here.

For more information, including how to join this committee, please email Interim Justice Promoter Sister Judy Morris at