Why is this important to us?

We believe that environmental issues and justice issues are intertwined elements of how we are called to relate to God’s creation both in human form and in the earth community.  Eco-justice asserts that it is not possible to care for the earth without also caring for humanity, and that seeking human justice must involve care for the environment.

Therefore, care for creation is part of our work for peace. The impact of climate change and the growing scarcity of resources, particularly clean water and the negative impact of fracking technology, compel us to action. Much of the conflict we see in the world is rooted in competition for the land and its natural resources. Earth is an expression of God’s creation and therefore the environment is a gift that must be respected and cared for by everyone.


Care of the Earth Video Series

Water Witness

(offered by the Dominican Sisters of Peace Eco-Justice Committee)

Water Witness provides an awareness raising opportunity that challenges us to examine the hidden costs of water, reflect from a third world perspective, view photos, and journal. We live in a world experiencing a scarcity of water, and we live in a country where water is often taken for granted or wasted. We can do something about that reality by examining our use of water.

Going Green Throughout the Year
Sr. Jane Belanger, OP, and Associate Judy Hardy, OPA, have created a valuable four-part resource – Going Green Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each document is full of ideas, suggestions and seasonal resources:

Additional Resources