Inviting the World to Learn

As a Dominican Sister, Ana Gonzalez is called to study, contemplate, and preach God’s revelation. In her ministry as Coordinator of International Admissions at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT, Sr. Ana shares the good news of educational opportunity for international students.

“Albertus Magnus also offers international students the same financial assistance offered to local students, making a valuable American education at a well-respected institution a reality for students who believed such an opportunity beyond their grasp,” says Sr. Ana.

An immigrant herself, Sr. Ana brings a unique perspective to her work at Albertus Magnus. “Offering American students the opportunity to learn with and better understand those from other cultures, and giving international students the opportunity to experience and contribute to American culture, helps all of these future leaders realize that we are one economy, one climate, one world. Only by seeing past our differences to our vital shared concerns can we solve the real problems that we face.”

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Sr. Ana Gonzalez, OP
Sr. Ana Gonzalez, in blue, meets with students at a college recruiting event in Toronto, Canada.