Celebrating our 2018 Jubilarians

The Dominican Sisters of Peace are proud to announce the Sisters who are celebrating significant anniversaries of their consecration to religious life.

Twenty Five Years

Sue Zemgulis (Niskayuna, NY)
Catherine Arnold (Akron, OH)

Fifty Years

Suzanne Brauer (New Orleans, LA)
Gemma Doll (Columbus, OH)
Mary Catherine Hilkert (South Bend, IN)
Rosemary Loomis (Columbus, OH)
Sue McMahon (Waterford, MI)
Barbara Rapp (Columbus, OH)
Valerie Shaul (Akron, OH)

Sixty Years

Kathleen Andrews (Columbus, OH)
Jeanne Brown (Columbus, OH)
Mary Ann Budka (St. Catharine, KY)
Kevin Clavin (Great Bend, KS)
Germaine Conroy (Columbus, OH)
Mary Costello (Watertown, MA)
Theresa Damicone (Akron, OH)
Mary Rose Garcia (Columbus, OH)
Dominic Haug (Great Bend, KS)
Anne Keenan (Columbus, OH)
Eileen Linehan (Watertown, MA)
Ellen McNulty (New Haven, CT)
Diane McOsker (Oxford, MI)
Mary Meenan (Columbus, OH)
Marilyn Pierson (St. Catharine, KY)
Doris Regan (Columbus, OH)
M. Aimee Ryan (Columbus, OH)
Carol Ann Spencer (Columbus, OH)

Sixty-Five Years

Bernadine Baltrinic (Akron, OH)
Sylvia Bourgeois (Columbus, OH)
Marita Charley (Columbus, OH)
Barbara DeCrosta (New Haven, CT)
Michael Brigid Driscoll (St. Catharine, KY)
Mary Justin Fadden (Oxford, MI)
Joan Marie Ford (Columbus, OH)
Thomasine Hardesty (Columbus, OH)
Mary Jordan Langenhennig (Columbus, OH) 
Mary Judene Lillie (Columbus, OH)
Noreen Malone (Columbus, OH)
Mary Josetta Mayer (Columbus, OH)
Louis Mary Passeri (Columbus, OH)

Seventy Years

Rose Bowen (Columbus, OH)
Josepha Buckley (St. Catharine, KY)
Mary Ellen Dater (Pawnee Rock, KS)
Betty Doskey (Columbus, OH)
Geraldine Eakes (Great Bend, KS)
Frances Ellsperman (Akron, OH)
Marcia Fleder (Columbus, OH)
Joan Miriam Glaser (St. Catharine, KY)
Rosemary Kirsten (St. Catharine, KY)
Thomas Joseph Nacy (St. Catharine, KY)
Marie Joseph Porrello (Columbus, OH)
Rosemarie Robinson (Akron, OH)
Charlotte Unrein (Great Bend, KS)

Seventy-Five Years

Agnes Imelda Frohnapfel (Columbus, OH)
Patricius Henderson (St. Catharine, KY)
Adrian Marie Hofstetter (St. Catharine, KY)
Lucille Winstel (Columbus, OH)

Eighty-Five Years

Vincent de Paul Hutton (St. Catharine, KY)

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Golden Jubilarian Christine Connolly

Golden Jubilarian Christine Connolly

Vatican II changed the face of Catholocism for everyone – lay people and consecrated religious.  What was it like to enter religious life on the heels of such a sea change?

Sr. Christine Connolly, a Dominican Sister of Peace in Niskayuna, NY, is celebrating her 50th year of religious life in 2019, and says that the changes brought about by the Council brought her both excitement and sadness.

“A new paradigm of religious life was beginning to take place, which required us to live with a sense of flexibility and a willingness to be open,” she says. “One surprise has been the blessing of helping to lay the foundation for something new and vibrant to be birthed.”

Sr. Christine began her religious life in both religious formation and formal study. She studied in the Novitiate in Kentucky for two years, then attended Cardinal Cushing College in Brookline, MA. She earned her Bachelor of Science in History and Elementary Education in 1972.

Her first ministry was in education, teaching at St. Francis DeSales and East Boston Central Catholic in Boston, MA.

In 1980 she moved to St. Catharine, KY, to serve her congregation as the Administrative Assistant to the President of the Dominican Sisters in St. Catharine, KY.

True to the Dominican charism of study, Sr. Christine earned her Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College in 1989. She took her skills in administration and organization to the service of God’s people in Louisville, working with the Hospice of Louisville and Catholic Charities,

A move to Chicago to study at the Catholic Theological Center led to Sr. Christine’s next ministry. She served as Co-Promoter of Vocations and Spiritual Director at the Claret Center in Chicago for 6 years before beginning a ministry as Residence Hall rector at the University of Notre Dame.

After a brief Sabbatical, Sr.Christine moved to her present ministry, serving those seeking spiritual direction and a place of peace at the Congregation’s Retreat Center in Niskayuna, NY.

Of her 50 years of service to God’s people, Sr.Christine says, “I have learned that the Mission is God’s work, and my responsibility is listening to and working with God’s movement in ministry. God has blessed me with the opportunity to offer hope and peace in our world today.”

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Golden Jubilarian Sr. Harriet Agnew

Golden Jubilarian Harriet Agnew

A number of years ago, the members of Sr. Harriet Agnew’s Congregation took a personality test. Sr. Harriet’s results were no surprise to her sisters and friends; she was described as a helper — caring, demonstrative, and generous. These attributes are the core values of her 50 years as a Dominican Sister of Peace.

Sr. Harriet began religious life in a most Dominican fashion – studying for her Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies and Elementary Education at Siena College in Memphis, TN. Her early ministry was teaching at schools in Kentucky and Tennessee, and during that time, she found that her own love of religious life increasing. “I found joy in community life, in the relationships that I built, and in my ministry – and religious life just grew on me,” she says.

In the 1980’s Sr. Harriet’s ministry took a different turn as she began teaching religion and formation in Kentucky while studying for her Masters in Religious Education at Seattle University in Washington. She earned her MRE in 1981, and put it to good use as a Religious Coordinator at St. Augustine Parish in Kentucky, then as Formation Coordinator and Associate Pastor in Chicago.

In 1990, she was called home to Kentucky to serve the congregation as a Coordinator at Sansbury Care Center, then began a ministry as a nursing assistant in St. Louis, MO – which may have been what led her to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Maryville, University in St. Louis.

Sr. Harriet’s skills as a nurse and her generous, giving spirit led her to serve patients of all ages – as a nurse at Shurer Long Term Care in Michigan, the Home for the Innocents in Kentucky, at a mission in Zambia, at the Marian Home in Kentucky, at the Congregation’s Sansbury Care Center and now, at the Motherhouse in Akron, OH.

This quote from the Spanish Jesuit Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, is the advice that Sr. Harriet gives to women considering religious life. “Fall in love with Christ, and with our Dominican way of life, and you will find joy in your calling,” Sr. Harriet says. Her hope is that the Dominican Sisters of Peace will continue to respond to the needs of the times – an appropriate sentiment from a woman who has responded to the needs of God’s people and her Congregation with love and care for 50 years.

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Golden Jubilarian Sr. Arleen Kisiel

Sr. Arleen Kisiel is celebrating 50 years as a Dominican Sister of Peace.

It only seems appropriate that Sr. Arleen Kisiel, currently of Columbus, OH, would celebrate her Golden Jubilee in the same year that the Dominican Sisters of Peace celebrate their Tenth Anniversary.  In her Jubilee reflection, Sr. Arleen says that the results of this union of eight congregations of Dominican women have been among the greatest blessings of her life.

Sister Arleen was a student at Ohio Dominican College when she entered the Dominican Sisters of Peace in 1969.  After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Education, Sr. Arleen went on to teach middle school and serve as a guidance counselor in Ohio, Chicago, and Michigan, and as a religion teacher in Pennsylvania and Ohio. She earned her Master of Science in Counseling from the University of Dayton in 1982.

In 1986 she answered God’s call to enter a new ministry of care and concern. She served as an administrator and counselor at Hope House Ministries, a ministry to the poor in Port Jefferson, NY. Sr. Arleen moved to Ontario, CA, for her next ministry, where she served the Church and other religious serving at Southdown, a mental health center for vowed religious where she served for three years before returning to the US to work in family ministry at St. Charles Center, then as a case Supervisor at the Agency on Aging in New Castle, PA.

Sr. Arleen returned to Columbus in 1996 to serve her Congregation, first as a member of Leadership and later is the Director of the Martin de Porres Center, an outreach ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. She later served as a Mission Group Coordinator in Akron, and as the Mission Group Coordinator of the Free-Formed group, based in Columbus. Today Sr. Arleen serves God and her Sisters as the Pastoral Care Director at Mohun Health Care Center, the Congregation’s home for retired and elderly religious.

“One of my greatest joys is being a part of a cause greater than myself,” Sister Arleen says. “I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish by working with others beyond ourselves … where ever there is one Dominican Sister of Peace, I am there too.”

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Sr. Arleen Kiesel serving at Mass in Columbus.
Sr. Arleen as Director of the Martin de Porres Center.
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2018 Jubilarian Sr. Rosemary Loomis, OP

“Dominic’s innate joy remains contagious.”
2018 Jubilarian Sr. Rosemary Loomis, OP

That’s how Sr. Rosemary Loomis, Columbus, OH, describes herself after 50 years of consecrated life. The Dominican Sisters of Peace congratulate Sr. Rosemary on the Golden Jubilee of her profession of vows as a Dominican Sister of Peace.

Sister Rosemary, a native of Columbus, OH, says that she has “a deep desire to BE God’s blessing to someone.” She has done just that, spending her entire ministry helping families at different life stages. She moved around Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois as a middle school teacher and principal before returning to Ohio to serve on the staff at the Congregation of St. Mary of The Springs. She also served on the staff and as a Resident Life Director of the Mohun Health Care Center, a founded ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, for seven years.

After a brief sabbatical, God called Sister Rosemary to a new ministry, and she served as a Pastoral Associate in Clymer, PA, for three years before returning to Columbus to begin work with Egan-Ryan Funeral Home as a Grief Minister. Through her work there, she became involved with the Central Ohio Chapter of the Parents of Murdered Children/Other Survivors of Homicide Victims, where she has been an instrument of God’s peace to people suffering this painful loss.

During this time, she also served in her Congregation’s Vocation ministry and as a Pastoral Visitor for St. Timothy Parish in Columbus, OH.

Today, Sister Rosemary is the Manager of the Springs Press, the in-house media center for the Dominican Sisters of Peace. She is also on her way to becoming a published author of four children’s books. One of them draws on her experience as a grief counselor, written to help children deal with the loss of a loved one and other childhood trauma.

In her 50 years since making profession, Sr. Rosemary says, she has never been disappointed with the joy and community she found as a Dominican. She also has some advice for women considering their own vocation.

“If you are discerning religious life,” she says, “be patient – be patient with God, be patient with the religious Community and be patient with yourself. Any vocation is what we make it, and we must work to make it come alive every day.”

Yes, I want to make a donation to the Congregation in Sister Rosemary’s honor!

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Sr. Ruth Schirtzinger, OP

Ruth Schirtzinger-webSr. Ruth Schirtzinger, Columbus, OH, is a nurse at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, as well as a volunteer at Kobacker House Hospice, which provides in-patient hospice care. Sr. Ruth began her ministry as a teacher in primary grades in schools in Ohio and Michigan. She received a Master of Science in Education from Marygrove College in Detroit, MI and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH. Continue reading →

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