Celebrating our 2017 Jubilarians

Join us in celebrating our Dominican Sisters of Peace celebrating 50 years of religious life.

Sr. Nancy Ames, OP
Sr. Patricia Cusack, OP
Sr. Joye Gros, OP
Sr. Carole Hermann, OP
Sr. Anne Kilbride, OP
Sr. Mary Ruth Leandres, OP
Sr. Maria Emmanuel Martinez, OP
Sr. Marilyn Mihalic, OP
Sr. Marietta Miller, OP
Sr. Charlene Moser, OP
Sr. Mary Riley, OP
Sr. Rose Ann Van Buren, OP

*View a full list of our Sisters celebrating other milestones in religious life.

Easter and Pentecost – Birthday Celebrations

Blog by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP
Blog by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP

This week marks the end of our 2015 glorious Easter season, as we both individually and communally prepare our hearts once again for the feast of Pentecost and the inpouring of the Holy Spirit. This week we sing with ever more fervor and intensity: “Come, Holy Spirit”…”Send Us Your Spirit”…”Fill Us with the Fire of Your Love”…as we, like the early disciples, wait and pray for God’s transforming Spirit to “fall afresh on us.” Pentecost, often referred to as the Birthday of the Church, celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit in tongues of fire, transforming Christ’s fearful and waiting disciples into preachers on fire with wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, love, and reverence, loosening their tongues and igniting their courage to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, Risen Savior. It was the day this motley crew burst from the dark womb of their hiding place and, born anew by God’s Spirit, became Church. O Happy Birthing! Happy Birthday, Church! Continue reading →

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Wake the World with Dawning Joy: Music, Joy and Faith

Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP
Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP

Pope Francis’ words of encouragement to all Sisters, Brothers and Priests in Consecrated Life have been transformed into a theme song for the Year of Consecrated Life #YCL2015.  This song begins with his words, “Wake the world with dawning joy! Wake it with your gladness!” With full voice and heart we sing this song as we indeed live this life God has called us to with joy, gladness, and enthusiasm. Continue reading →

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Sr. Rosemary Loomis Receives Father Ken Czillinger Award

Sr. Rosemary Loomis, OP, has been selected by the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc., (POMC) to receive the Father Ken Czillinger Award. The award is presented in recognition of a professional who has “demonstrated extraordinary understanding of the mental health needs of survivors of homicide victims and who has offered exceptional assistance in supporting the mental health of survivors.” The award will be presented in Las Vegas, at the Annual National Conference on August 1.

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Ending Slavery is Everyone’s Work

Blog by Sr. Carol Davis, OP
Blog by Sr. Carol Davis, OP

Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace are in the forefront of working to end slavery. Human trafficking is a contemporary form of slavery. Pope Francis calls it “a plague on humanity.” It is the second largest form of criminal activity, exceeded only by drug trafficking. Today, 21-30 million people are being induced through fraud, force, or coercion, into commercial sex acts or labor services. There are reports of organ trafficking. Continue reading →

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We All Live In Separate Bubbles

“I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead I do what I hate.” – Romans 7:15

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

With this quote from St. Paul, Bishop F. Josephus Johnson began the program “How to Stay Alive in an Unconsciously Racial Society” at the House of the Lord in Akron, OH. Dominican Sisters of Peace Cathy Arnold, OP and Barbara Catalano, OP; and Associate Colette Parker, OPA, and I had attended the program which was designed for the local community to examine “implicit bias.” That is a concept substantiated by research which describes that a person’s unconscious thoughts and feelings lead to perception, judgment and actions. Continue reading →

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