Join us in celebrating our Dominican Sisters of Peace celebrating 50 years of religious life.

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2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Charlene Moser, OP

2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Charlene Moser, OP

“From the very beginning,” Sr. Charlene says, “my ministry has been ever-evolving.” That’s been especially true in Sr. Charlene’s case. She began her ministry as a teacher in Springfield, KY, and followed that work to Nebraska, Tennessee, and back to Kentucky. “I have enjoyed every ministry along the way,” Sr. Charlene says.

Upon her return to Kentucky, she served as a staff member and on the Leadership Team at the Dominican Motherhouse in Kentucky, as well as development director for the Holy Rosary Academy in Louisville. “As I have engaged with my Sisters in ministry and community,” Sr. Charlene said, “my focus has become less on ‘I’ and more on ‘we’.”

In 2009, Sr. Charlene was named Founded Ministries Liaison for the Dominican Sisters of Peace. In this role, she works closely with the Congregation’s ecology, retreat and senior ministries in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Ohio.

After 50 years of consecrated life, Sr. Charlene tells today’s young people, “The vowed life is challenging, freeing, cutting edge, life-giving, joyous, adventuresome, and a blessing. Pursue it – God will not let you down when you respond to the call.”


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2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Carole Hermann, OP

2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Carole Hermann, OP

Sr. Carole has served her Congregation and the Church in a variety of ministries throughout her five decades as a religious Sister. She began her service teaching elementary school children in schools in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. “Their joy and eagerness to learn helped me to seek to learn, and to look forward to new opportunities for growth in my own life,” Sr. Carole says.

Sr. Carole opened herself up to those new opportunities by continuing her education and moving into a pastoral care ministry.  As part of this new role, she served as Chaplain at St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville, OH and at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT.

Sr. Carole has served her Community as a mentor to several women in the initial stages of religious life through formation ministry. In discussing her time in formation ministry, Sr. Carole says, “I am in awe at the power of God’s call to religious life and the generous response by the women who service God’s people through a commitment to religious life. Each of us has a unique and sacred journey, and God is present in every step.”

She returned to Columbus, OH in 2016, where she currently ministers to her Sisters at Mohun Health Care Center, a skilled nursing facility for members of the Congregation and other religious.


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2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Maria Emmanuel Martinez, OP

2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Maria Emmanuel Martinez, OP

Sr. Maria Emmanuel says that attending Cursillo, a Roman Catholic Retreat, in 1963 was the beginning of her call to religious life. “It’s been a very happy life, and I have met so many people and done so many things that I could not have done as a lay person,” she said.

A second important turning point in her life was Hurricane Katrina, which struck New Orleans when Sr. Maria Emmanuel was serving at the Eucharistic Missionaries of St. Dominic Motherhouse in that city. “I learned not only the value of living with nothing but also to be at home wherever I was. I also came to value belonging to a worldwide order that lovingly aided me and my Sisters to re-start our lives and our ministries.”

Sr. Maria Emmanuel worked as a religious educator in Tucson, AZ, and New Orleans, LA, but says serving the poor is her first love. She is currently acting as a volunteer at the Dominican Sisters of Peace St. Catharine Motherhouse and Sansbury Care Center in St. Catharine, KY.


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2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Patricia Cusack, OP

2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Patricia Cusack, OP

Sister Patricia, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, entered the order after high school, and made her first vows in 1967. She completed her undergraduate degree at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, OH, and her Masters at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. She served in education in Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, working both as a teacher and an administrator in settings from elementary school to higher education.

She earned her Doctoral degree at Columbia University in New York. She has served in the healthcare field in New York, NY for 20 years. Working as an adult educator and administrator, she is currently employed by Metropolitan Jewish Health System – Hospice, where she provides education and training for a large volunteer corps which serves the five boroughs of New York City.

Sr. Patricia says that she has been blessed with many opportunities for growth in study, community, mission, and spirituality throughout her five decades as a Dominican Sister. She is honored to have been able to impact educational processes for pre-medical students at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center of New York for 15 years.

One of the most memorable moments in her career was when Sr. Patricia was working at St. Vincent’s– just about a mile from Ground Zero, on September 11, 2001. She was part of a team of professional counselors who assisted families and friends of missing persons from the Twin Towers. “I can still at times see the lines of people on pilgrimages to find their loved ones, holding candles … this changed my life,” Sr. Patricia said.


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2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Rose Ann Van Buren, OP

2017 Golden Jubilarian, Rose Ann Van Buren, OP

Sister Rose Ann heard the call of religious life very early – as a fourth grader attending St. Mary’s Grade School in Lancaster, OH. She was introduced to religious life by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs, who taught in the schools that she attended, and her vocation was nourished and encouraged by her parents.

She entered the Dominican Sisters after completing high school and studied education at Ohio Dominican College, now Ohio Dominican University. She obtained her Master’s in Education from The Ohio State University. She worked as an educator and administrator in Ohio and New Mexico before continuing her studies at the Maryknoll Graduate School of Theology.

Upon the completion of her studies, Sister Rose Ann’s vocation led her to begin work on social justice causes. A major turning point was a three-year mission as a Notre Dame AmeriCorps volunteer in rural Naugatuck and Genoa, WV. “My time in West Virginia allowed me to experience, with the families that we served, both the beauty of their mountain home and the poverty that was part of their lives,” Sister Rose Ann said. “I was touched to the depth of my spirit by the resilience of these people and of God’s creation that was threatened by the ravages of mountaintop removal.”

In 2009, Sister Rose Ann says, “her life journey came full circle” when she became the Director of Shepherd’s Corner, a Dominican Sisters of Peace farm and ecology center in Blacklick, OH. “Life and ministry at Shepherd’s Corner,” she concludes, “is an awesome Golden Jubilee gift.”


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