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Sr. Agnes Conway, OP

Conway-AgnesDominican Sister of Peace Sr. Agnes Conway, OP, died on October 5, 2015, at Sansbury Care Center (St. Catharine, KY). A Dominican for 77 years, Sr. Agnes lived to be 96 and was proud of her age. Continue reading →

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Implicit Bias-What Is It? Do We Have It?

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

I recently participated in a small group discussion at the Dominican Sisters Conference Convocation focused on the topic of racism. The conversation began with the question “Have you ever felt rejected as a person of color?” The conversation continued with several women giving examples of experiences when they either felt inferior or superior in a situation. It was a frank discussion on how people with different racial identities interact with each other and bring to the situation a socialized or learned attitude or behavior. Continue reading →

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It’s Not About Flowers and Chocolate Love

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

Several roosters stood in front of the barn at the Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath, OH, welcoming the Dominican Associates of Peace, Sisters, and guests to our Saturday morning gathering. Executive Director Nancy Wolf had invited us to Crown Point, which is a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, with a mission to integrate four core values of community, justice, spirituality and sustainability. It was the perfect setting for our program theme “St. Francis of Assisi and Laudato Si’.” Continue reading →

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Who is My Neighbor?

Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP
Blog by Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP

In the Gospel of Luke 10:29, at the beginning of the story of the Good Samaritan, we hear the question posed to Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus then tells the now familiar story of reaching out to help a stranger in need. We know that our neighbor includes all peoples no matter how far or near they live. Yet, sometimes I don’t reflect this in my life, my choices, and my words.

When Pope Francis visited our country last month, he focused a good bit on care for each other, care for the earth, and the common good. I felt challenged to look at how I live and if I am living the Gospel imperative to care for and love each other or if I just pay it lip service. Francis emphasized that the family is the microcosm of this care and love that I/we are called to live. So, I ask you, “Who is your family?” I ask myself, “Who is my family?” Continue reading →

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DSP Educational Institutes Meet in Columbus

edu-group2015The leaders of the high schools and colleges sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace met at Martin de Porres Center October 8 and 9 at the invitation of the Leadership Team. Presidents, board chairs and others from the following schools were in attendance: Ohio Dominican University (OH), St. Catharine College (KY), Albertus Magnus College (CT), St. Agnes/St. Dominic (TN), Our Lady of the Elms Schools (OH), St. Mary’s Dominican High School (LA) and Dominican Academy (NY). Continue reading →

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