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Virtual Mass Resources

For the last 15 months, the Dominican Sisters of Peace have shared an online mass every day in an effort to assist those who were unable to attend mass in person due to the pandemic. As vaccination rates rise and our Churches begin to become more open, we will end the posting of our Daily Mass on Sunday, June 13. If you would like to continue to view the mass online, please click the links below for Daily Mass celebrations on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel by using the button circled in red.



The Catholic TV Network: Daily Mass from Boston, Massachusetts

The National Catholic Broadcasting Council: The Daily TV Mass from the Loretto Abbey Chapel, Ontario, CA




Our Sunday Mass was shared from the St. Thomas More Chapel at Yale University in New Haven, CT. This chapel is often attended by our Sisters and discerners. The Mass is livestreamed each Sunday at 10:00 am EST.

St. Thomas More Chapel

We are blessed to be able to attend the Mass together again and to celebrate the Eucharist with the Universal Church.
Please stay healthy and be peace.

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Livestream Link for National College “Preaching in Action” Conference

Wednesday, May 26
Opening Prayer [ 12:00-12:30PM EDT | 11:00-11:30AM CDT | 9:00-9:30AM PDT ]
*Dominican Family Panel & Prayer [ 2:45-3:30PM EDT | 1:45-2:30PM CDT | 11:45AM-12:30PM PDT ]
*Prayer [ 3:40-4:10PM EDT | 2:40-3:10PM CDT | 12:40-1:10PM PDT ]

* Will be on the same stream.

Thursday, May 27
**Opening Prayer [ 12:00-12:30PM EDT | 11:00-11:30AM CDT | 9:00-9:30AM PDT ]
**Talk on Racism by Herman Johnson OP [ 12:35-1:35PM EDT | 11:35AM-12:35PM CDT | 9:35-10:35AM PDT ]
Prayer [ 3:40-4:10PM EDT | 2:40-3:10PM CDT | 12:40-1:10PM PDT ]

** Will be on the same stream.

Friday, May 28
Opening Prayer [ 12:00-12:30PM EDT | 11:00-11:30AM CDT | 9:00-9:30AM PDT ]
Prayer [ 3:45PM EDT | 2:45PM CDT | 12:45PM PDT ]

All sessions will be available on our YouTube Channel at the time of the event only. The livestreams will not be available for later viewing. So please click the link at the time of the event. You may also subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications!

When you arrive on our YouTube Channel, please proceed to the Livestreamed video, indicated by the red LIVE marker in the lower right-hand corner of the first video on the channel. If you don’t see the video, you may have arrived early, please return or refresh the page closer to the time.












You can receive notifications by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. You should receive notifications as soon as we go live. You must have a YouTube account to subscribe and must be signed in to subscribe.







Turn on notifications by clicking on the notification bell after you have subscribed & selecting the setting of your choice (All or Personalized, the default is none).













When you click on the livestream, you should arrive to a page similar to below.






When the stream ends, it will look like below.




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Dominican Women – Embraced by God and Fired with Love’s Holy Longing

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” – Catherine of Siena

Women on fire with the love of God are women who live a passionate spirituality. The Universal Christ fully alive in the lives of women of wisdom and Doctors of the Church, will help guide our journey during this retreat. We find ourselves moving through the terrible days of division, pandemic, and hopefully into more familiar, solid ground. This is not unlike these women of the past who lived through the Bubonic Plague, Inquisition, Schism in the Church, Spiritual torment and physical suffering.

During this time, we will recall something of the life if women who lived passionate lives of faith and witness in the face of difficult historical times and persevered in their love and trust of the God who called them into a place of personal transformation. These are all elements, in some way, that have also touched our lives over the years, those things that come upon us over which we have very little control.

Journey with Hildegard of Birgen, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, and Therese of Lisieux. Pray as and with women of courage, strength, perseverance and deep, abiding faith. Be inspired once again, with their life stories while reflecting on their relevance for our lives today through contemplative dialog, prayer, reflection, and creating journaling with a mandala. These annual, quiet days of listening and praying continue to open us to a deepening presence of God who invites is to set the world on fire with divine love.

Sr. Nancy Brousseau, OP, DMin, is a Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids, MI. Nancy served as the Director of the Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids for five years and was Director of Spirituality Programs there for six years. Prior to those years, she was Director of St. Joseph Educational Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Sr. Nancy has an MA in Religious Education, and MDiv from St. John’s (now Sacred Heart) Seminary in Detroit, and a DMin in Spiritual Director from the Graduate Theological Foundation and the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She offers retreats, spiritual direction, workshops, and programs in prayer, spirituality, and spiritual formation for those becoming spiritual directors. Serving as a tour leader for international pilgrimages and tours has been part of her life since 1997, taking groups to countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the Holy Land. She lives in DeWitt, MI.

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Honoring Our Sister Nurses

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we thank God for the nurses who care for us in our Motherhouses and Care Centers.

We are also celebrating our Sisters who served as nurses during their ministries around the world. The Dominican Sisters of Peace founded three hospitals in Kansas: St. Rose Hospital,(Great Bend, 1903); St. Catherine (Garden City, 1931) and St. Joseph (Larned, 1951), as well as the Central Kansas Medical Center in Great Bend, KS. While management of these facilities has transferred to a lay organization, the Congregation still operates Mohun Health Care Center in Columbus, and Sansbury Care Center in St. Catharine, Kentucky. In addition, the Lourdes Senior Community in Waterford, Michigan, formerly sponsored by the Oxford Dominicans, includes under a single board four facilities: Lourdes Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, Mendelson Home (assisted living), Clausen Manor (Alzheimer’s care), and Fox Manor (independent living).

While many of our Sisters have retired from nursing, they are still in active ministries of prayer, service, community leadership and more.


Sister Harriet Agnew during her nursing ministry in Akron, OH.
Dominican Sister of Peace Harriet Agnew.
Dominican Sister of Peace Kathleen Andrews






Dominican Sister of Peace Joan Arceneaux
Dominican Sister of Peace Mary Ellen Brady






Dominican Sister of Peace Mary Lou Densa
Dominican Sister of Peace Kathleen Corrigan
Dominican Sister of peace Catherine Mayla Chen
Dominican Sister of Peace Juanita Carrigan
Dominican Sister of Peace Maureen Carney
Dominican Sister of Peace Esther Calderon






Dominican Sister of Peace Lillian Gehlen
Dominican Sister of Peace Joan Dunning
Dominican Sister of Peace Gemma Doll
Sr. Esther Calderon during her nursing ministry in Arizona.






Dominican Sister of Peace Marie Hageman
Dominican Sister of Peace Joan Marie Glaser
Dominican Sister of Peace Carol Gerke






Dominican Sister of Peace Binh Thanh Nguyen
Dominican Sister of Peace Marcellino Dung Nguyen
Dominican Sister of Peace Joan McGough
Dominican Sister of Peace Pieta Mattingly
Dominican Sister of Peace Patricius Henderson
Dominican Sister of Peace Dominic Haug





Sister Kathleen Andrews during her nursing ministry.


Dominican Sister of Peace Carolyn Thurn




Dominican Sister of Peace Nang Thi Nguyen
Dominican Sister of Peace Elaine Shaw Cote
Dominican Sister of Peace Ancilla Shawe






Not shown, Dominican Sister of Peace Giovanni Cody

Dominican Sister of Peace Adeline Wedeking
Dominican Sister of Peace Annette Winter
Dominican Sister of Peace Terry Wasinger
Dominican Sister of Peace Charlotte Unrein
Dominican Sister of Peace Margaret Uche


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Siena Learning Center Builds Community Ties

New Britain, CT,  Chamber of Commerce President, William Moore and Siena Learning Center Director Nancy Rodriguez.



Siena Learning Center Director Nancy Rodriguez met recently with New Britain, CT,  Chamber of Commerce President, William Moore. Nancy and Mr. Moore discussed possible opportunities for Center staff and learners to network with Chamber members, and how the Siena Learning Center can help the community by offering employer-sponsored ESL classes.

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