Peace & Justice Weekly Updates

Join Dominican Sisters of Peace as we strive to bring PEACE and justice to our world in this post-truth era. Each week, our Justice Promoter will share important information (including action alerts, prayer opportunities and much more) that will help you to spread peace in your own local community and our world at large.


Peace and Justice Updates, August 8, 2017

Ohio-area Sisters and Associates are invited to a symposium entitled: Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Re-Imagining a World of Active Nonviolence. The program is sponsored by the Cleveland Diocesan Social Action Office and will be held Saturday, September 30, 2017, at John Carroll University Dolan Center.

This symposium is inspired by the April 2016 “Non-violence and Just Peace Conference” held at the Vatican to initiate a global conversation in response to the growing violence in our world. The focus of the symposium is on creative solutions to peace building and active non-violence with opportunities for education and dialogue rooted in the Catholic Peace Tradition. This day is for anyone wanting to engage and bring a creative understanding towards Catholic Social Teaching and building peace in our communities and the world. For more information go to the Event Page.


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Peace & Justice Updates-July 25, 2017

Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017
In the weeks ahead, Senator Rob Portman (OH) will be introducing legislation called the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017. This bill will amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) to help hold those who run sites that facilitate sex trafficking (such as civilly and criminally accountable for their crimes. Click here for a one-page summary of the bill.

From Interfaith Power and Light
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is trying to delay and rewrite methane pollution standards that protect our children and our planet from dangerous methane pollution. For more information, click here. ACT NOW: Tell EPA Administrator Pruitt that weakening the methane pollution standard is unacceptable.

From World Beyond War
Sign the Declaration of Peace which states “I understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants, severely damage the natural environment, erode civil liberties, and drain our economies, siphoning resources from life-affirming activities. I commit to engage in and support nonviolent efforts to end all war and preparations for war and to create a sustainable and just peace.”

From Catholic Climate Movement
Pope Francis just endorsed the Laudato Si Pledge! Have you signed the pledge yet to commit to pray for and with creation, live more simply, and advocate to protect our common home? Click here to sign the pledge.

From USCCB Justice for Immigration
Call on your Senators to support DACA and DREAMERS by sending this letter.

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Assembly Action Steps

  • Save Medicaid
    Good news: due to incredible pressure from activists around the country like you, Senator McConnell pushed back a vote on health care until after the July 4 recess. But we can’t let this delay lead to passage like it did in the House — we’ve got to keep the pressure on!

    Call your Senators at 1-888-738-3058 NOW to oppose the GOP health plan and protect Medicaid. Call twice to reach both Senators.

    These calls matter whether your Senators are Republicans or Democrats! Here are a few ways you can make noise in your community over the next few weeks:
    1. Keep making phone calls, and encourage anyone you know in Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or West Virginia to make their calls as well.
    2. Read the news and write Letters to the Editor. These short messages should clearly state your opposition to Medicaid cuts and the Senate health proposals, and mention your Senator(s) by name. See our tips for getting your LTE published on NETWORK’s website, and send us published pieces at
    3. Meet with your Senator at their office, town hall, 4th of July event, or elsewhere. Congress is home from July 1-9. Visit NETWORK’s website for printouts, graphics, and more that you can bring with you to their events.
    4. Post on social media! It sounds silly, but Senators and reporters alike are watching what’s being said online. Find your Senator on Facebook and Twitter, and let them know your thoughts using #Faith4Medicaid, #SaveMedicaid, and #ProtectOurCare.

    The Congressional Budget Office predicts that if this bill becomes law, 15 million currently insured individuals will lose their health insurance next year, and 22 million will lose their insurance by 2026. It cuts Medicaid by almost $800 billion, which will adversely affect our nation’s most vulnerable. And Senator McConnell is still wheeling and dealing to get more Senators on board, which will only make the bill worse for our nation.

    Let’s be clear: Republican Senators are working long hours to try and make a deal happen, and the House of Representatives will follow their lead. When this is over, we can’t be left wondering if there was more we could have done to stop this bill.

  • From Ohioans to Stop Executions: 
    Ohio is anticipated to resume executions on July 26 and has scheduled 27 executions. Sign a petition here asking Governor Kasich not to resume executions.

    On Wednesday, July 12th, Ohioans to Stop Executions and partners are hosting a peaceful Vigil to Stop Executions, and you’re invited!
    Stop the Execution Vigil at Riffe Tower
    WHEN:  July 12 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
    WHERE: Riffe Tower, 77 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43215
    Join for a prayerful vigil and visibility action on the sidewalk in front of the Vern Riffe State Office Tower at State & High Street, across from the Statehouse. A short program of prayer, song & organizing information will happen around 12:20pm.

  • From The Coalition of Women for Peace: 
    Sign this petition calling on the EU and UN to take a stand to better the lives of Gazans, particularly women and youth, and act to end the siege!
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Peace and Justice Updates, June 27, 2017

From the Friends in Solidarity of South Sudan:
South Sudan’s Independence Day is July 9. We invite you to pray for South Sudan in this time of deep violence and need. Click here for the prayer.

From Global Catholic Climate Movement:
The first component of the Laudato Si Pledge is: ‘Pray for and with creation.’ As Pope Francis has shown us in Laudato Si’, our ecological crisis is also a spiritual crisis. We need to praise God the Creator and celebrate creation. We need to recognize and mourn what parts of nature we are losing through our current lifestyle. We need to pray for ecological conversion. Click here for a prayer card or here for more prayer resources.

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