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God Empowers You and Sets You Free

Janet Schlichting, OP
Wednesday’s Word by Sr. Jan Schlichting, OP

Scripturally speaking, this is not the week for appreciating the joys and comforts of God’s presence; or resting in the peaceful protective valleys of God’s mercy. This week’s God, as we jump through the Jacob-through-Joseph section of Genesis, seems abrupt, mysterious and demanding in interactions with the major characters as we continue on to the Egyptian captivity and the Moses story. A God who breaks in every once in awhile, alternately fearsome and blessing, choosing humans who are no great models of sanctity, to keep the promise made to Abraham. Continue reading →

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Barbara J. Kane, OP
Blog by Sr. Barb Kane, OP

Beginnings. We all have them. They can be simple like the start of a new day or momentous like the start of a new ministry or job. Beginnings can be happy or sad…exciting or scary…stormy or smooth. Welcome to the inauguration of a new blog from the Dominican Sisters of Peace called “Wednesday’s Word,” an opportunity to connect with Scripture in a real life way. It’s a bit nerve-wracking writing the first blog but stay with us because there will be someone new each week of the month. We will all be trying to help our readers apply the Word to their lives. Continue reading →

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