Peace and Nonviolence

The Dominican Sisters of Peace and their Associates participate in a vast array of events, programs, and projects that advocate for peace and they work to make the world a less violent place, a more welcoming place.

In addition to our public position on sensible gun control, Sisters and Associates practice peace making personally through their prayer and compassionate presence in the world.  They advocate for peace in their neighborhoods, schools, cities and towns. Most importantly, they invite others to be peace, build peace, and preach peace.

Common peace projects include Inter-Faith Prayer programs and participation in the United Nations International Day of Prayer for Peace, local efforts to build relationships among diverse peoples, providing meals for exploited women in shelters, visiting prisoners, participating in advocacy to close the School of the Americas and advocate for nonviolent approaches to conflict.


Education and Action for Nonviolence

Death Penalty


The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) reports that there are over 23,300 nuclear weapons in the world today posing constant threats. Read seven myths and facts highlighted in ICAN’s booklet entitled I Can Imagine a World Without Nuclear Weapons.

study of islam

Access a of both scholarly and popular resources established by the Dominican Sisters of Peace “Peace and Nonviolence Committee.” We hope that you will find these sources beneficial in your personal studies.