Sent by Two to Serve

Luke tells us that Jesus sent disciples out two by two to preach His word. St. Dominic did the same, sending friars out in pairs. In Garden City, KS, a pair of Dominican Sisters of Peace serve the growing immigrant community.

“We act as interpreters for many of the Spanish speakers,” Sr. Roserita Weber says. “But that’s just the beginning. Helping our neighbors communicate has made us aware of other services that they need to adjust to life here in Garden City.”

Sisters Roserita Weber and Janice Thome help transport people to medical appointments and act as translators, witnesses, and support at immigration proceedings, and even teach Spanish speakers how to drive a car.

Sr. Roserita has made a special ministry of helping seniors navigate the Medicare system as well, while Sr. Janice works with special programs to help youth and families. As a member of the Teen Health Coalition, Sr. Janice helped to create programs that have decreased teen pregnancies significantly and cut teen alcohol use by half.

Sr. Roserita Weber with a Ministry client.
Sr. Janice Thome reads to a child during the filming of a commercial for a Kansas literacy concern.
Sr. Janice Thome (in hat) and Sr. Roserita Weber (from left) meet with a Garden City resident at a community event.