Temporary Profession of Vows

Once a Sister makes her first profession, she becomes a vowed member of our congregation and of the Dominican Order.  She then receives the initials “O.P.”  to use after her name, which stands for Order of Preachers.

During this time of Temporary Profession, a Sister seeks to deepen her Dominican Apostolic Life by continuing to integrate all that she has learned and experienced during her time as a Candidate and Novice.

The study program for those in Temporary Profession is designed according to the needs of the individual.  Workshops, articles, and books on a variety of topics may be considered for study.

The length of this phase is not less than three years nor longer than six years.

Here are videos of our Sisters making their Temporary Profession of Vows (or First Profession of Vows):

Temporary Profession of Vows of
Sr. Beata Tiboldi
Temporary Profession of Vows of
Sr. Elizabeth Jackson
Temporary Profession of Vows of
Sr. Ana Gonzalez
and Sr. Margaret Uche


Show me the path of truth, O Lord; help me to walk in your ways. My heart is ready, O God; I will praise your name forever.” (Psalm 86: 11-12, Dominican Praise (DP) translation, DP p. 525)