Vocation Prayer #1

Loving Creator,
Thank you for calling me
to share in Jesus’ mission.
I am not sure which way of life
you are calling me to,
and I humbly ask you
to guide me along the way.
Help me remain open
and patient in this process –
whether to live the single life,
the married life, or as a religious sister,
nun, brother, monk, deacon or priest.

Compassionate Jesus,
you showed us what it means
to lay down one’s life for others.
As I seek to deepen my relationship with you,
help me to bear witness to the Gospel,
to lead others to You,
to speak for a more just and peaceful world,
to give voice to the voiceless,
and to be there for those in need.

Holy Spirit,
Inspire me and guide me
that I may listen to the still
small voice in my heart.
I ask for wisdom, understanding,
and courage to follow God’s call.

Source: Dominican Sisters of Peace