About Us

Celebrating St. Dominic, Preacher (2 minutes) — Meet St. Dominic de Guzman, preacher and founder of the Dominican Order, and explore how Dominican Sisters of Peace continue his preaching mission.

Our Story (1 minute) — How do the Dominican Sisters of Peace preach the Gospel? Watch this short video to find out. Then, pray with this question: How are you being called to preach the Gospel today?

10th Anniversary of Dominican Sisters of Peace (11 minutes) — Travel back in time with us to our Founding Day as we reflect on some of the highlights of our first ten years as Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Dominican Sisters of Peace ~ Sisters and Associates in Mission (4 minutes) — For our second anniversary, we created this video to share how we preach the Good News with a new fire, with simplicity of life, and itinerancy of mind, body and spirit.

Our Dominican Blessing (2 minutes) — Listen to the sung Dominican Blessing from Candidate Cathy Buchanan’s Welcome Ceremony.

Celebrating Multiculturalism in the Community (3 minutes) — Sr. Margaret Ormond O.P. and Sr. Pat Dual O.P. share their insights and reflection on how multiculturalism enriches our lives — as a unique manifestation of the human spirit and of the divine spirit, as being welcoming and understanding other cultures’ perspectives, and as having conversations about racism, about other cultures, and about the openness to receive other cultures. Watch the video to learn about ways how the Dominican Sisters of Peace live and serve multiculturally.

Mission for Peace Talks

During our virtual 2020 Mission for Peace program, Sisters shared with discerners about their ministries and culture as they  build and preach peace in the following nine videos.

Catholic Native Americans (48 minutes) — “To Stand with Christ, is to stand for all, especially where there is great injustice.” As a descendant of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Sr. Rachel Sena, OP, shares about the importance of integrating and weaving truth of our culture and our spirituality as one.

Dominicans in Ecology (31 minutes) — Sr. Jane Belanger, OP, explains and exemplifies how Dominicans care for creation.

Ministry of Presence (37 minutes) — Sr. Janice Thome, OP, shares about her ministry of presence with those living on the margins in Garden City, Kansas. She defines it as a “direct ministry to the economic poor, and it doesn’t matter who they are, where they’re from, why they are poor, just that they are in need, and we never ask.”

Mission Experience at the Texas-Mexico Border (47 minutes) — Sr. Joye Gros OP, Sr. Mary Vuong OP, and Sr. Margie Davis OP share how they responded to the call to be with those in need. Watch this video to learn how Sisters lived the mission as they cooked and served meals, helped with transportation, offered translation services, among other tasks at the Texas-Mexico border in welcoming immigrants.

Mission in Nigeria (56 minutes) — In 1952, when Dominican Sisters in Great Bend, Kansas, celebrated their 50th anniversary, they asked: “What return can we make to the Lord for all these blessings?” After some conversations, in 1956, four Sisters embarked on their journey to Nigeria as missionaries. Watch this video to see how their mission flourished and continues today.

Peace and Justice (52 minutes) — Sr. Judy Morris, OP, shares several practical ways how Dominican Sisters of Peace respond to violence in our world, speak against the exploitation of poor people, and advocate for the protection of our planet.

Responding to the Needs of Our Times (53 minutes) — Sisters Suzanne Brauer OP, Pat Thomas OP, Ceal Warner OP, and Phuong Vu share about how they respond to the needs of our times in the New Orleans area.  After knocking on doors to identify the greatest needs of the New Orleans area, the Peace Center continually reevaluates and serves the community’s changing needs.

Understanding Ourselves from the Perspective of Deep Time (37 minutes) — Sr. Claire McGowan OP shares that “Being a Dominican involves being a relentless pursuit of God in a community of others.” She explains deep time as a new perspective on humanity that “connects our personal, communal, and species stories with the larger story of the evolution of the universe.” She also explains cosmology as a “perspective, a worldview that gives meaning to the journey of life.” To learn what the five principles of deep time are, watch this video.

“As for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a generous and good heart, and bear fruit through perseverance.” (Luke 8:8)